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How to Build a Dog House

We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend. These cuddly little fluffy creatures would just tend to be very playful and would make a mess inside our house. They would just ten to lie down on the floor and sleep wherever they want.

Now, why don’t we show more love to our fur ball friends by making them their own private space? Yes, dogs need privacy and their alone time too. I guess a Dog house would be perfect for it as well.

Besides giving them their lovely treats, they need a house. It would be wonderful if your dogs had puppies, so they can have a quiet time on their own. I will teach you how to build a dog house.

The Dog House

Dog House

Now depending on what kind of design you want to build, just make sure he/she will have enough space for it. It will also matter how big your dog is, and how many you have.

  1. Have a plywood cut with the dimensions that you like for your dog to be used as the main structure of the house. You can either break them down to pieces with a circular saw or cut them in full sheets.
  2. Have multiple cuts of plywood that would be the corners and the base of the house itself. Other pieces can be used as a roof or other designs as well. Figure out which one would be the front panel, and cut through an entrance for the dog.
  3. Use the table saw to cut the panels for the sides, and a certain degree bevel to match your roof dimensions. Be mindful about this process and your measurements since you need to make a solid beam for the roof later on.
  4. Make a strong base foundation so that the house would stay in place firmly to the ground. Have it elevated from the ground, so it would properly be insulated and to keep it dry.
  5. After you have created the base, it is time you assemble the pieces to it. Used galvanized wood screws every 4 inches around the perimeter. Make sure that the bottom edges are flush. Make sure that there no screw that protruding from the floor.
  6. Make a ridge beam for the roof. The length would depend on the dimension of your panels. The beam would act as a solid support to the back and front panels, as well as giving the roof panels a strong foundation.
  7. Glue the roof panels together, and nail them tightly. One roof panel should be 3/4” longer than the other due to overlapping at the beam. You fill in gaps with your trims from pine or whatever kind of wood can be used as well.
  8. Unless you have other designs for your dog house such as setting up a porch, then the house should already be done.

Some Ideas

You can use excess woods to create a platform or a stand for the dog house, and design a small stairwell to resemble somewhat of a cottage.

Paint it to your liking, but you don’t have to overpaint it. Dogs can’t see colors.

You can shingle the roof, and make sure that it is stagger so that the water doesn’t follow through the doorway.


It is not that hard to make a dog house. It only takes time and patience. It is just to show that your dog has a big meaning to your family, and of course, they are already a big part of your family too. Just practice safety when you are building the house itself. Be creative with your work!

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