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Best Chainsaw Review & Buying Guide 2022

Introducing the best chainsaw review. In this article, we will tackle everything about these full-size chainsaws. You don’t need to browse on endless search results – we have done the job for you. 

Chainsaws are very convenient tools. If used properly, they resolve many issues just by being able to cut various things from soft leaves to thick trees.

With that, you are probably in search of the best chainsaw right now. Whether you intend to cut wood for commercial or non-commercial purposes, there is a model for you. But with dozens, even hundreds, of brands and items in the market, how will you choose the right tool? This is where this review comes into the picture.

After careful deliberation on multiple products and considering consumer standards, we have come up with the Top 6 Best Chainsaws review.

Not only that. You will also get relevant information as you go through this page. Know what is a chainsaw, what’s in it for you, and reasons to buy such. More importantly, we have also prepared the chainsaw buying guide at the later part of the page to help you decide on the model to choose. So read on!

What is a chainsaw?

To start things off, we got to ask a simple question – what is a chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a mechanical tool that is used to cut things, primarily branches, logs, and trees.

The chainsaw is usually powered by an engine that is connected to the bar by a chain. When the engine starts, the chain starts to rotate with a force that cuts materials coming across it.

The exception to the usual workings of a chainsaw is the manual chainsaw that will be explained briefly later.

Applications of a Chainsaw

There are different kinds of chainsaws and each one of them has many different possible applications. These are example situations where chainsaws may be the tools to use.

Pruning – when your garden or backyard has abundant plants and trees, some of them may overgrow. The chainsaw helps with cutting materials, mostly wood, that cannot be brought down by shears alone.

Logging – Some people chop down trees as a living. Chainsaws are definitely better in these situations due to their efficiency.

Camping – Maybe you just want a few branches for a campfire. You can use a kind of chainsaw to cut these branches with ease.

Kinds of Chainsaws Based on Their Source of Power

The manual chainsawis a chainsaw that does not have an engine. The power comes from the user as they rub the chains manually to the material they want to cut.

The other three are the gas-powered chainsaw, battery-powered chainsawand corded electric chainsaw respectively. As you can infer from the names, they all have engines and the power of their engines come from different sources. This article will mainly focus on these three kinds of chainsaws.

Why buy the chainsaw?

Why buy the chainsaw instead of an average one? Well, there are several factors that answer that question. Here is a list of reasons why you should pick the chainsaw on the market.


Chainsaws can be dangerous and many incidents of chainsaw injuries happen in a year. The chainsaws are designed to prioritize your safety and comfort over anything else. Investing in these safety precautions can be your life-saver.


The chainsaws have very low power consumptions compared to other mediocre products. Since power sources can and do run out, it is simply recommended to save energy as much as possible. in fact, you may be able to save more on the chainsaws in the long run due to their high efficiency on consumption.


Some chainsaws just work better and last longer than others. So why pick something mediocre?


The most important reason to buy only the best in productivity. Yes, there are a lot of products and it’s so easy to randomly pick one. However, you are putting your productivity in jeopardy. The best model is something that can endure long hours of work with zero failures. That way, you are able to make the most of your activity.

Finally, here we list the best chainsaws on the market. Each one of them has advantages over other products. More importantly, they are safer, more efficient, and have better quality than any of their competition.

1. Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-Inch Gas-Powered Chainsaw


The first product on our list is from Husqvarna, a reliable brand that is known for not skimping on features for their products. The Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw is no exception to this rule and can be considered one of the best chainsaws on the market.

First, let us look at how powerful this chainsaw is. The built-in motor is gas-powered, something that is already advantageous to the product. Gas-powered chainsaws are usually stronger than their battery and electricity-powered counterparts.

The motor of this thing is a 2-stroke, 55.5 cubic centimeters large engine, and its speed can go up to a maximum of 9000 rpm. Despite the serious work, it does not consume much power at all. The X-Torq engine technology of the Husqvarna allows the engine to have fewer emissions and also less gas consumption.

The length of the bar is 20 inches and is above average. In general, the entirety of the chainsaw has enough power and length to cut most things. Despite its length, the chainsaw is of reasonable weight, only weighing 12.8 pounds.

While this chainsaw packs some serious power in its engine, it is also harder to control. The large blade will require more experience to handle. This also means that it will restrict you from using the tool while standing on elevated and shaky surfaces or trying to cut at difficult angles.

  • Cuts nicely through most materials
  • Very efficient in its power consumption
  • Easy to clean due to low emissions
  • Environmental-friendly
  • A reliable brand that guarantees safety
  • Hard to control
  • Not good to use at tricky angles and altitude

2. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 10-Inch Chainsaw


If you think the Husqvarna 455 Rancher is a light chainsaw, then the BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 takes that to a whole different level. It is a very small chainsaw, rivaling even those with topside handles. This chainsaw is one of the chainsaws currently existing.

The engine of this chainsaw is powered by batteries of the lithium-ion kind. The advantage of this kind of engine is its lack of emissions. It makes the thing less potentially harmful than its gas-powered competition. It has a maximum of 20V which is sufficient for its required task.

The LCS1020 was created for the purpose of pruning. The small size of the chainsaw and its low strength was calculated for efficiency. Depending on the task, larger chainsaws would simply be overkill and the smaller ones would be a better choice.

It may not come as a surprise that the BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 Chainsaw is economical, less than $$$. However, despite the cheap price, this chainsaw is no joke, especially with its additional features.

A key feature to note is its tensioning system that lets you customize the tightness of the chain. Next, the handle is designed to have the most comfort as possible for additional safety measures. Lastly, the Oregon bar and chain assures the users of its quality and durability.

This chainsaw really does serve its purpose well. However, its lack of versatility limits it from going over expectations either. The limitations of having a low power engine and a short blade prevent it from cutting thicker and harder materials.

  • The short and stout body makes for easier control
  • Highly economical and good for the budget
  • Very convenient due to added features
  • The lack of gas emissions makes it clean
  • Relatively low-powered
  • Have trouble cutting through thicker trees

3. Greenworks 12-Inch 40V-2AH Cordless Best Chainsaw


The third product in our chainsaw reviews is another battery-powered chainsaw of a different brand. Greenworks is one of the more prominent brands on the market that sells chainsaws and other products related to gardening. It is quite reassuring to buy from them since they produce some of the chainsaws ever.

The model of this chainsaw is enough to cut through many materials while still being easy to use. The bar is only 12 inches long and yet it only weighs 6 pounds, even lighter than the 10-inch BLACK+DECKER.

The engine itself is not that bad either. Yes, it is battery-powered, but the 40 volts and its 12-inch blade help it to have more cutting capabilities compared to its counterparts of the same weight and length.

Greenworks have some cool features added to their products. The most attention-seeking feature of this chainsaw is its automatic oiler. There is a translucent tank where you can add the oil to lubricate the bar and chain when needed.

Another feature is the tensioning system. This allows you to tweak the tightness of the chain to the bar and save you from doing additional unnecessary work.

Last but not least is its Easy Start system. With the push of two buttons, you can immediately start the chainsaw without much effort. Your energy is much more needed when cutting, so saving it as much as possible is certainly welcome.

The disadvantage of this chainsaw can actually come from its weight. Although lighter machines can certainly help the less-fit users, being too light can actually hinder some of the cutting capabilities of chainsaws.

  • Does not require fitness and experience to use
  • Remarkably convenient and safe due to multiple features
  • No emissions
  • Very environmental-friendly
  • Low weight is sub-optimal for more experienced users

4. Husqvarna 460 24-Inch Rancher Chainsaw


From here on out, we are going to be talking about the same brands but of different models. This Husqvarna 460 24-Inch Chainsaw, for example, is comparable to the first product but with different specifications and additional features.

Among the products of this list, the Husqvarna 460 has the longest bar at an impressive 24 inches. This makes it able to cut through most, if not all, materials.

As expected, this product has a gas-powered engine sizing at 60cc. It has enough strength to accommodate its long bar and chain. With this much capability, it is hard to deny that the Husqvarna 460 is one of the chainsaws available.

This model is also equipped with the X-Torq technology that allows it to be efficient with its power consumption while having even lower gas emissions. The tensioning system is also mounted on its side and helps you adjust the chain to a comfortable degree.

There are some other interesting features for this model though. For example, it has the LowVib feature that reduces the shaking of the chainsaw to more comfortable for the user.

The Smart Start technology, on the other hand, allows for the machine to start immediately without much effort. The model starts with just one press of a button because the choke and start controls were combined with each other.

The biggest flaw of this chainsaw is its weight. The entire thing weighs an astonishing 21 pounds, the heaviest among the others on this list. For perspective, the closest one is only 12.8 pounds which is almost half this chainsaw’s mass.

  • Very strong
  • The long blade can cut through thicker materials
  • Still quite convenient with its additions
  • Efficient power consumption
  • Monstrously heavy
  • Requires great physical prowess to control

5. BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 40V 12-Inch Chainsaw


Here we have another BLACK+DECKER model but with a 12-inch long bar. It still retains what the other product has to offer but with additional things added.  The 40 volts engine is only a part of it

Although you may think that Greenworks has better overall attributes, the BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 has its advantages too. The weight of this product, for example, is 10.4 pounds compared to the 6 pounds of Greenworks’ 12-inch model.

As mentioned earlier, at first glance, you may think that the lower the weight, the better the product is. However, sometimes additional weight may actually help with the cutting power of the chainsaw as long as it is not too much. This is especially true for experienced users that can handle the extra weight.

The easiest feature to notice is that this chainsaw has an automatic oiling system integrated into it. Other than that, this model also has an easy-to-adjust tensioning system. It is still cordless and relatively easy to use. It is not gas-powered so there are no emissions and your chainsaw will still be as pristine as ever even with constant use.

The disadvantage of this chainsaw does not vary too much from the other model. It still lacks that power to easily cut thick logs and trees. Although it does its expected tasks phenomenally well, it will still struggle somewhat with heavier tasks.

  • Great balance between length and weight
  • Excellent at cutting away overgrown branches
  • Quite convenient and easy to use
  • Durable and requires low maintenance
  • Still has no gas emissions and remains environmental-friendly
  • Still lacks the versatility to complete heavy tasks

6. Greenworks 14-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw 


The last product on our list is the other Greenworks model with a 14 inches bar and chain. Although the voltage of the engine did not change, the balance between the chainsaw’s attributes is now better than ever.

The brilliance of having a really low weight-to-length ratio with its materials now shows its benefits. Due to the added 2 inches from the previous model, the item now weighs 9.8 lbs – not too heavy and not too light, a perfect attribute.

Having a 14 inches bar also has its own advantages. The number one pro is being able to cut thicker logs. And because the engine did not change, the power consumption did not change either so you get some additional power for free.

The automatic oiling system is still there with its translucent tank. The tensioning system that you can adjust on the sides still exists. The Easy Start system still allows the user to activate the engine without much hassle.

Actually, most of the changes only come from the dimensions and the weight. However, these changes reform the balance among the attributes of the chainsaw to an infinitely better degree while still being able to retain the other product’s advantages and features. Just this alone, makes the Greenworks 14-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw probably the chainsaw out there.

Being an amazing product, this model has very few disadvantages. The only one that stands out is its average bar length. Even though it is balanced, the blade is still 14 inches long and the engine is still only battery-powered.   It still would not be able to reliably cut through particularly thick trees.

  • Has amazingly convenient features
  • Excellent balance among weight, size, and power
  • Larger blade means more cutting options
  • Has numerous safety measures
  • Still lacks the versatility to complete heavy tasks

Best Chainsaw Buying Guide

With how many different characteristics there are of chainsaws, you may be confused as to what to choose, especially if you are new to the chainsaw industry. So aside from the best chainsaw reviews, you might also want to read this buying guide as it will help you in the decision process.

Engine Source and Power

If you realized already, the chainsaws can either have gas-powered or battery-powered engines.

Gas-powered chainsaw engines are generally stronger than battery-powered ones. You can be confident that you have the most robust and powerful unit when you use this variant. However, you can expect your unit to be heavy to carry and lift.

Battery-powered engines, on the other hand, do not have an emission. This makes them more environmental-friendly and easier to clean. This variant is convenient for people looking for less-maintenance and less operational cost. Note that battery-powered models usually don’t have the same level of power as gas-powered ones.

Dimensions and Usage

Where do you want to use the chainsaws? If you want to use them on large trees and trunks, then you might want a larger and longer chainsaw. But if you just want to use the machines for pruning and cutting off some branches, then a shorter chainsaw might be a better choice.

Weight and Physical Fitness

The user fitness should also matter in choosing the chainsaw. If the user has trouble even lifting heavy things, then a lighter chainsaw might be for them. The other specs of the chainsaw will not even matter if the person themselves cannot even use the tool properly. This will only lead to accidents.

Convenience and Features

If you want less hassle in your life, then a chainsaw with lots of convenient additions may fancy you. These add-ons are there to make your life and experience more comfortable. Taking advantage of these little things is always a good choice.

Durability and Quality

Lastly, you will want your chainsaw to be able to cut effectively and last while doing so. It is a massive pain when you buy a chainsaw and it does not work well. The chainsaws are all high-quality products though, so you do not have to worry about quality as long as you pick one from the list.

Safety Tips in Using Chainsaws

When used improperly, chainsaws can be quite dangerous. In fact, thousands of chainsaw-related accidents are reported in America, both small and large. Hence, it is important to prioritize safety above all else when using such equipment.

Here, we list a few safety tips to help you avoid these accidents. These are roughly divided into four categories.

Buying a Safe Chainsaw

There are certain chainsaw features that can help add some safety insurance. You should consider these out before buying the best chainsaw.

Stop mechanism– A good chain brake can stop the chain immediately upon sudden impact or motion. It can be very dangerous if you accidentally drop the chainsaw, so having a mechanism to stop its activity at such times is really helpful.

Anti-vibration– Some chainsaws have great ways to reduce the vibration of the chainsaw which makes it easier for the users to control it. The more control you have, the less likely accidents will happen.

Handles–Different models of chainsaws also have different ways of designing their handles. They even have different materials sometimes. Better handles mean you can steadily use the chainsaw more.

Preparing to Use the Best Chainsaw

Before using a chainsaw, there are still things you need to do, prepare, or consider in advance.

Check the equipment – This is a standard in using in any kind of equipment. Some of the controls may possibly not work. Or, the chain may not be lubricated enough. Maybe the screws are not bolted properly. Check everything you can so nothing unexpected will happen.

Check the material – Are you sure that you are going to cut only what you intend to?  What if you failed to notice that there was a live wire running through the branches you are about to cut? What if there was a nail embedded in the tree trunk? All of these can get really dangerous when not properly determined so absolutely make sure.

Check the area – Are there other people nearby? You need to survey your surroundings for potential interruptions and also the damages to your work.  If there is a nearby house, for example, the tree you intend to cut may fall there. You should assess whether your cutting can harm anything or anyone before proceeding.

When Using the Chainsaw

Of course, it is also necessary to use the chainsaw properly as much as possible. Here are some tips as to what to do:

Maintain grip, posture, and footing – The most important method to be safe is to simply not drop the chainsaw and not slip. You should not do any unnecessary actions outside of the proper cutting posture.

Do not use the tip – Some beginners can mistakenly cut wood with the farthest end of the chainsaw. This can be dangerous because using the tip generates more kick-back. You will have a harder time controlling the chainsaw and there is no benefit to it.

Use proper clothing – When using the saw, make sure you are not wearing loose clothing. The sleeves of your shirt can get in the way of your work. In fact, there are standard protective gears that you should most probably use.

Maintaining the Chainsaw after Use

There are also things you need to do properly after using the chainsaw. Without the proper maintenance, chainsaws can get damaged. Needless to say, using damaged chainsaws are dangerous.

Cleaning – You need to clean the chainsaw and its filter from dirt, twigs, and other foreign materials immediately after using it. If you are using a gas-powered one, you also need to clean it from the residue of gas emissions.

Store Properly –Your chainsaw should, at least, come with a blade cover. Or better yet, you should get a carrying case to safely transport the equipment anywhere. Naturally, you should also keep the thing out of children’s reach.

Repair any Damages – If you think there are some damaged parts of the chainsaw, you should seek professional help in repairing it as soon as possible. You should absolutely NOT use a damaged chainsaw no matter what.


You have reached the end of the chainsaw reviews. Now you are armed with all the necessary knowledge you can utilize for your purchase. Whether you are a first-time buyer or someone who’s looking for another tool, the info above is all you need. By carefully reading the above page, there are virtually no chances of having a failed purchase.

There are no downsides to buying the chainsaw. Not only will your life be easier, but you will also get your every penny’s worth with these products. The chainsaws are all high-quality, durable, efficient, and effective products. Therefore, if you are planning to buy the best chainsaw, you should not hesitate.

Pick one of the chainsaws on the list, and I am sure that you will get the best chainsaw for yourself.

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