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The Tools Route started with one simple purpose. “To provide an impartial opinion for each tool in our review

Who’s Found The Tools Route?

Charles Larson, Founder, Tools Route

About Us

About Tools Route

Toolsroute.com is a comprehensive guidebook covering everything woodworking, from tool reviews, buying guides, to woodworking techniques and other miscellaneous knowledge (covered in our Woodworking section). All the content you’ll find on Charles Larson is written by a small team of avid woodworkers, including Charles himself!

Yes, Charles Larson is a real-life human being and his passion for woodworking lead him to create this website. Charles has a long history of woodworking and construction in his family, his father taught him everything he knows and now he hopes to share that knowledge with you.

Our reviews cover not only popular brands and tools but also some lesser-known manufactures that you may not be too familiar with. We’re slowly adding content over time and hope to cover every category of woodworking tool imaginable!

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Why should I take your advice?

Every writer on our site is an avid woodworker and most also have a family history of construction or woodworking. You can say that woodworking is “in our blood” and we love to share that knowledge with you. We do our best to be as honest as possible when reviewing power tools and strive to give the best, unbiased recommendations that we can.

Our Works and its Purpose

We create  toolsroute.com, which is the online site for everyone fascinated by woodworking, gardening and Home improvement tools and experience.

We all gather to experience, find out, compare and then write a lot of articles about how to do things related to choosing and using best woodworking products, top product reviews, updated news about woodworking, gardening, and Home improvement every day.

We strongly believe that what we are doing is able to help a lot of people looking for their solution to make their life more enjoyable.

We provide you information about what you need, how it makes your life better, how much does it cost (in case you want to buy products), and connect you with the manufacturer, who you can trust in purchasing. We want you to become a wise customer.

Apart from supporting readers, we could have a chance to create a community of mechanical lovers all over the world and share every wonderful moment in our own life.

Our ToolsRoute Readers

We target massive readers from professional to amateurs as long as they love to find out about woodworking, gardening, Home improvement, and fishing. Everyone should be responsible to help each other as much as they can.

If you like us, please join our team right now, discuss, read, look for information and knowledge with us and even create content to contribute a more amazing site for people to read and get what they need. We appreciate your contribution. 

Reach Out To Us

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on an article we should write next, contact Charles Larson.

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