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Rockwell RK7240-1 10-Inch Table Saw with Stand Review

Rockwell RK7240-1 is a lightweight sturdy designed bench top table saw which is easy to transport and easy to use. Due to it being a light weight tool, it is the excellent table saw to be used at your home or at any small jobsite where it could easily fit it. This machine is termed to be an ideal one for limited job space.

Apart from it being compact and light weight, it has all the great features and capabilities that make up for an efficient powerful table saw. It makes you work a lot easier preventing you from hassles and dangers unlike other complicated heavy machines with complex operating systems and features.

What Rockwell RK7240-1 Table Saw can offer?

  • The product gives you ease of use and quicker trimming with large pieces of stock with the Quick Lock rip fence system appointed with it.
  • This tool is used with cast aluminum table that comes with it. This ensures improved and most accurate cutting results with more stability.
  • It is also integrated with a dust collection port enabling easy cleaning by attaching a vacuum for extraction of dust.
  • The rip capacity of the machine is 12 inches both right and left.
  • Users are ensured for improved safety and operator control with the large size safety on and off switch.
  • It has a thin-kerf tungsten-carbide blade with a size of 10 inches with a blade speed of 4,500 RPM.
  • This machine is light in weight and is thus easier to move from one place to another.
  • Blade adjustment is simple and easy so it could work effectively for different sizes and types of materials.
  • The product includes the table saw, stand, rip fence, spanner blade wrench, push stick and a miter gauge.


  • Type: Benchtop
  • Amperage: 13.0 Amp
  • No Load Speed: 4,500 RPM
  • Rip Capacity: 24 inches
  • Dimensions: 25.7 x 22.4 x 12.2 inches
  • Weight Machine: 35lbs
  • Warranty: 2- year

Powerful performance

Though Rockwell RK7240-1 is a light weight machine but it has all the power to give you precise results of cutting with various kinds of materials. You can get faster cuts with its 13 Amp powerful motor and most of the professional workers love this machine. All the cuts can be made according to your preference with the 10 inch thin-kerf tungsten-carbide blade.With the use of this table saw, your cutting performance is surely going to improve in terms of efficiency as well as accuracy.

Own your Rockwell RK7240-1 table saw now to enjoy easy cutting of wood

Capacity and Accuracy

The rip capacity of Rockwell RK7240-1 is far less at 12 inches right and left in comparison to some high range table saws. There are many table saws available in market with a larger rip capacity such as the DEWALT DWE7490X (rip capacity – 28.5 inches). Given this rip capacity, the machine is capable of giving 2.5 inches depth of cut at 45 degrees and 3 inches depth of cut at 90 degrees.

Rockwell RK7240-1

The tungsten carbide blade is sharp enough to give you accurate cuts faster and quicker with ease. The blade gives bevels cuts up to 45 degrees.Dealing with cuts of larger pieces is made easier and you can rip with accuracy with the quick lock rip fence feature.With this feature, you can now work on pieces of around 400 square inches. Locking of your target position for cutting is also simple and easy.

Ease of use

The Rockwell RK7240-1 weights only around 35 pounds and this light weight of the machine offers it more mobility and improved portability. You can easily transport this machine around your jobsite. This tool is also suitable for use around home or even at a workshop with limited space. In comparison to other heavier tools, you can be ensured of improved one hand transportation with it.

The product comes with a table stand with measurements 26 by 16 inches thus it would not occupy much space of your workplace. This robust aluminum stand is sturdy which makes way for stable and accurate cutting.

The dust collection bag works efficiently well and allows greater cleaning with ease. Keeping your machine clean at all times will enable long durability. You can simply connect the vacuum hose and clean the tool completely without any trouble.

The table saw comes with a large safety switch that permits complete control of operation and the large size just makes turning on and off easier for the operator. Ensuring safety and preventing from any injuries is the aim of this safety switch.

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Table saw reviews suggest that the RK7240.1 gives you most convenient operation. It could be used with different sheet materials of varied sizes both narrow and wide. All the features and systems of this machine are designed to give users guarded cutting activities that are not only accurate but safe as well.

It may not be much suitable for serious craftsmen but all those who have light projects of trimming and ripping would find it an ideal tool to meet all their needs.


The machine itself measures 25.7 x 22.4 x 12.2 inches. The size is compact and so you can easily store this machine at your workplace. It would not occupy much space on your worksite and can be easily taken out for work. Setup and storage is simpler allowing for fewer efforts and less time consumption.


The Rockwell RK7240-1 Shop Series 13 Amp 10-Inch Table Sawis backed by a manufacturer warranty of 2 years limited.


Because of there being such large numbers of table saws available for sale it can take a long time to draw up a list containing positives and negatives for each and every one. Because of that, I compiled all the data that I had built-up during the time I was looking to purchase a table saw personally. I put together product reviews of the preferred models.

If table saws are spoken about, many of us immediately think of Rockwell; and their RK7240-1 10-inch table saw is regarded as a very good illustration for the simple reason that this table saw comes with a wide selection of functions. In addition to that it is currently retailing at this low price so that it is definitely a tremendous bargain.

Best features of the Rockwell-RK7240.1 10 Inch Table Saw:

  • The RK7240.1 has a reinforced cast-aluminum table top that gives greater stability and precision
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • the Quick Lock rip fence for quicker use with larger pieces
  • Portable design – lightweight, and easy to transport
  • Dust collection port for easy vac attachment
  • Incorporates a large safety on/off switch for greater control and operator safety

This is a great table saw for the lighter jobs although it can also be used by the professional woodworker. The best thing about it is its portability. Being only 33 pounds, it is easy to move around if necessary. The motor is powerful enough and considering the cost, this table saw is the equal of many 10 inch table saws that cost an awful lot more than this one.

The Rockwell RK7240-1 Shop Series 10-Inch Portable Table Saw is a table saw that is as much at home in a workshop as it is on any jobsite. The RK7240 Portable Table Saw is powered by a 13 Amp motor that provides plenty of power and the large 416 square inch aluminum table-top provides plenty of work space.

The RK7240.1 Table Saw comes with an open leg stand, it is lightweight and easy to transport. The Thin-Kerf tungsten carbide tipped blade gives greater cutting performance.

Features Found in the Best Portable Table Saws

When you are looking for the table saw would be the best choice for your woodcutting needs you will definitely have to check for some parameters and highlight them according to the projects in hand. Before buying a table saw and table saw tools always check out the accuracy, motor system and portability and thus you will know which one would be fit for your task.

If you are going to carry the saw with you and use in multiple workplaces it should be portable and light enough to be carried with. On the other hand if you are going to keep the saw at your shop, whether it’s a 10 inch table saw or 12″, portability won’t be of that importance. Also consider the fence and the table setup, the blade and motor mounting system and the table saw tools coming with the saw itself.

It’s imperative to setup the fence and the table properly in order to get a clear cut effectively. When you need a wider cut but at the same an accurate one fence and rails should be used that will extend beyond the table.

DeWalt model DW744 has a fence and rail with expandable table which supports up to 24 1/2″ rip cut. The cogwheel and tooth track system allows the table to expand and the fence to be set and locked at the end of the rail.


  • The table saw is light weight and is thus easily moveable to any worksite.
  • Quick Lock Rip Fence makes your work easier with larger blocks of materials.
  • Cast Aluminum table top offers a stable work space for cutting with accuracy.
  • Large safety ON/OFF switched for improved user protection and safety.
  • Blade adjustment is simple and makes dealing with different sizes and varieties of material easier.


  • This table saw cannot be used with a Dado blade.
  • The miter gauge of this machine gives you a limited cutting depth of 5/8 inches.


Overall the final verdict of this review for Rockwell RK7240-1 suggests that this tool is the most suitable one for dealing with trimming of light wood. However it would work with tough ones as well but most accurate results with light projects. Moreover the value offered within the price range is quite good.

All the features and specifications of this table saw can be enjoyed by purchasing it from Amazon stores.So get this table saw now to enjoy easy cutting of wood for your home with a great, simple, easy to use and affordable tool as this.

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