Powermatic 1792000K Cabinet Saw Review

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Once Powermatic 1792000k saw is set up, you’ll immediately notice the almost complete absence of table vibration. That’s due to the cast-iron base and oversized, cast iron tables. Other substantial features include the cast-iron trunnion and Poly-V drive belt system.

And because safety is so important, the Powermatic 1792000k has an exclusive magnetic interlocking safety switch and knee-activated stop button.

Powermatic 1792000K Review

Powermatic 1792000K

Powermatic table saw PM 2000 is another table saw that is worth to consider. It is a 10″ cabinet saw with a 3-HP 1-ph 230-volt motor featuring a wide-stance heavy-duty trunnion and cast-iron base to support the stability as well as eliminate the table vibration.

Just like any cabinet saw, Powermatic 1792000K is best for those woodworking professionals and hobbyists and absolutely not a good investment for average carpenters’ job. This post will review more on what you will get from this award-winning cabinet saw and issues you should know before you decide to buy it.

The company, Powermatic, build this PM2000 based on what woodworking professionals exactly need for their job: high capacity, good quality, accurate cuts, wide range of functionality, easy to operate, and also great durability. Powermatic PM2000 is designed to meet all of these requirements together with featuring new innovations to provide more advantages.

Powermatic PM2000 cabinet saw construction is massive and sturdy. It is mainly made of stamped steel and cast-iron to ensure stability and long-term durability.


  • 37 x 39 x 85 inches (WxHxD) dimension, 675 pounds weight.
  • Industrial-duty 50-inch accu-fence system in order to make cuts with good precision.
  • Powerful 3 HP motor with Poly-V drive belt system for quiet and efficient operation.
  • Wide-stance heavy-duty trunnion for smooth blade positioning and better stability.
  • The saw blade can be changed quickly thanks to a push-button arbor lock.
  • Rapid blade adjustment is supported by an oversized cast-iron handwheel.
  • The base has a 4-wheel retractable caster system built-in just in case you need to move this Powermatic cabinet saw in and around your workshop.
  • Dust collection system to make your work area dust-free and to enhance the motor usage life.
  • Backed by a 5-year Powermatic warranty.

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Minor issues

It’s about the built-in retractable caster system that should be able to raise the whole table saw a bit higher than it does now (about 3/16 inch high). It works very well, but you may have a problem when moving the PM2000 cabinet saw on a floor that is not level and flat.

So if you think your work area is lack of floor clearance, it is advisable to make sure the Powermatic PM2000 saw location before you put it. Slight adjustment can then be done easily since all 4 wheels on the caster system under the saw base swivel to move to any direction.

Bear in mind that the cabinet saw is not a good portable table saw like DeWalt DW745 or Bosch 4100. It’s a high-performance table saw with a massive body structure that weighs 675 pounds and is built for any fine-woodworking jobs and professionals that need dependable accuracy and higher capacity.

Powermatic PM2000 User Reviews

PM2000 receives many good ratings from its users and buyers. Despite the minor issues, many have reviewed that this Powermatic cabinet saw is a great table saw. It runs very smoothly and works effortlessly. One bought this PM2000 as an upgrade to Delta contractor’s table saw and he’s happy with it. Should you want to make sure if this Powermatic table saw is the right one for your woodworking requirements, you can read user reviews here before you decide to purchase it.

Your purchase of PM2000 will include table insert, blade guard, miter gauge, fence, the push stick, swivel handles, arbor wrench, 2 extension tables, riving knife and pawl, and a 5-year warranty. As we write this Powermatic PM2000 review, the price is about $3,000 (check recent price). Much more pricy than the portable/contractor table saw, but you’ll get what you’ve paid for. 

When you want a brilliant tool at your hands, then you should definitely go for Powermatic 1792000K.

Powermatic 1792000K has won an award for a reason. It has a brilliant design, which enables you to work efficiently, especially when you are working for long hours.

Equipped with a wide variety of features, which are perfect, and eliminate the probability of any problems, this table saw should be bought by every artisan.


The different specifications of this design contribute towards making this particular table saw with amazing quality, which will last you for a long time. The features are highly functional, which is why this table saw has gotten a wide range of popularity.

The 10-inch Cabinet saw has a massive body design, which provides more room, when you are working. Along with that, since it is powered by a one-Ph and three-horsepower motor, the table saw will be able to function effectively for a long time.

The heavy-duty trunnion system ensures that the table has cast-iron construction, a conical-shaped worm gear drive, and high-end bearings. Additionally, with an increased contact area, the table is able to adjust the height and tilt quite easily. Due to the pair of cast-iron handwheels, which measure around eight-inch in diameter, and that have a large spinner handle each allows you to make the bevel and height adjustments easily, requiring minimal effort.

Rather than setscrews, the table saw utilizes machined grooves so as to lock the handle wheels on their shafts for long hours. Additionally, the durability of this table saw is proved by the fact that the 5/8-inch diameter arbor has a stress-proof steel, which delivers exceptionally high levels of accuracy.

The saw is also able to provide you with high accuracy because it has stacked dado sets, which are 13/16-inch wide. The push-button arbor lock allows you to make fast changes. The high-quality poly-V drive belt is also able to deliver more power, without any chances of slippage and a great deal of noise.

When you want to work on large pieces, this Powermatic 1792000K table saw is perfect, because measuring around 22.0 inches x 30.5 inches, this cast-iron tabletop is also able to extent 42 inches long when you bolt the cast-iron extension wings.

The cast-iron surface is also able to provide better support for jobs that are big. For easier positioning on the table, the front and rear edge bevel is quite efficient.

With an ergonomic and safe design, which includes a magnetic On/Off switch for safety, and a high-tech guard system, which is able to maintain safety in all kinds of cutting situations, the Powermatic 1792000K Model PM 2000 3 table saw is perfect for your business.

Features of Powermatic PM2000

Quiet, Efficient Power Transfer – the Poly V-Drive belt system allows power to move from the motor to the arbor with minimal vibration and without overheating.

  • Push-Button Arbor Lock – the PM2000 ships with one arbor wrench and that’s all you’ll need because the lock can be reached from above the tabletop.
  • Easy to Raise and Lower the Blade – the trunnion has concave teeth on the gears that make it easy to raise and lower the saw blade as needed.
  • Reduces the Risk of Binding/Kickback – the riving knife is designed with a quick-release feature. Additional safety features include a blade guard and anti-kickback prawls.
  • Precise Bevel Cuts –  patent-pending adjustable angle indicators are clearly marked on the bevel scale so you can make precise bevel cuts again and again.
  • Built-in Retractable Caster System – another patent-pending feature, this caster system makes it easy to move your table saw from one area of your shop to another.
  • Accu-Fence System – has 50 inches of cutting capacity to the right of the blade. You also have an aluminum-extruded 13-inch extension fence and heavy-duty miter gauge.
  • Enclosed Cabinet – provides ample storage below the cast-iron table top.
  • Clean-Up is Easy – the dust collection port is built into the cabinet for easy access.
  • 5-Year Warranty – is among the finest in the industry.

What Ships With the Product

In addition to the table saw itself, you get two extension tables plus a table insert to expand the surface area. You also receive both blade guard and miter gauge assemblies, riving knife with pawl, push stick, arbor wrench, two lock knobs, two swivel handles, a hardware bag, two hinge pins, a side cover, owner’s manual and warranty card.


The Powermatic 1792000k is the best-selling table saw in the Powermatic line. One reason for that is that this is a cabinet saw made for professional woodworkers by professional woodworkers.

The quality and efficiency of this cabinet saw is on display with features like the rigid, cast-iron trunnion. The combination of high-end bearings and a cone-shaped worm gear drive allow you to smoothly and solidly make adjustments to the blade height and tilt.

In fact, you’ll find many parts of this saw are made of cast iron. The heft gives you an example of the durability you can expect from this saw.

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