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Best Random Orbital Sander 2022 (Review & Guide)

Ask an average woodworker what they love most about their jobs, and there is a chance they will say wood sanding. DIY lovers have also come to love and embrace sanding as a hobby because it is after all fast, easy and fun.

However, as a professional probably looking for the best random orbital sander for your workshop, you need to pick something different from what the average DIY person will pick. Read our random orbital sander reviews, therefore, for a guide to help find the best tool for your needs.

Since an electrical sander is critical in your workshop, you may want to find one that produces the best results. A good orbital sander shouldn’t leave swirl marks for instance, and it should also have a place to collect excessive dust as you do your work.

Below we have six of the best sanders, as well as a guide on how to pick the best among them.

Top 6 Best Random Orbital Sanders Review

1. Dewalt D26451K Random Orbital Sander

Best Random Orbital Sander

The Dewalt D26451K is one of the best-reviewed sanders in top online stores today. To start with, the device has a rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 in some reviews. And despite that, the handheld tool comes at a considerably lower price compared to other top-rated Dewalt devices. In addition, the Dewalt model is excellent in performance and has some unique features that make it worth any woodworker’s attention. Read these features below.

Powerful 3amp motor – The Dewalt sander features a really strong motor that in turn results in a high speed reaching 12,000 orbits per minute. With such speeds and a reliable motor, you can sand your wooden materials smoothly and efficiently well.

Controlled Finishing System – The Dewalt’s controlled system works precisely to offer consistently smooth finishes. The system utilizes a controlled pad speed system while also minimizing gouging.

Anti-slip top and body grip – To ensure you feel comfortable while sanding for long hours, the Dewalt model features a textured anti-slip top that makes you have control of the device irrespective of how tough your job seems. Again, the machine has a dual-panel fan that helps improve handling and reducing fatigue as you work.

Durable, light, and versatile construction – The sander is built in a way that you can work easily due to its light nature. But with its 100% ball-bearing construction and ability to hold 5” or 8” hole-hooks, the sander also ensures you work efficiently while the device lasts for long.

Integrated Dust Management – The device features a dust bag with a vacuum adapter to help you manage dust more conveniently.

2. Makita B05041K87 Random Orbital Sander

Best Random Orbital Sander

The Makita B05041K87 is unique and quite popular in the market for a number of reasons. To start with, you can control its operational speed, which ideally helps saves on power usage when handling less demanding tasks. On the other hand, the device has a convenient design that eliminates fatigue and enhances comfort even when handling tough jobs. And still, you could manipulate its front handle to give you more convenience when working in confined areas or corners. Read below, however, to learn about its main performance details.

Powerful Motor – The sander features a 3-ampere motor that works hard to give you fine finishes. But to ensure you save on power by utilizing the motor’s power where deserved, you can control the sander’s performance with the help of a speed dial. The dial enables you to control the device’s speed from 4,000-12000 OPM, depending on the application at hand.

Ergonomic rubberized palm grip – The Makita model ensures you can do wood sanding for hours without feeling fatigued thanks to its rubberized palm grip and handle. And as already mentioned, you can have no trouble sanding in corners as you can adjust the front handle to your convenience.

Features a pad control system with a dust collection system – The Makita model has a speed upon start-up pad system and a dust collection area to ensure you have an efficient pad and a clean working environment at all times. Again, its pads are brake engineered to reduce gouging and enhance efficiency.

Features double insulation system, accommodates abrasive paper, and also features a sealed-ball bearing construction for long durability.

3. Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbital Sander

Best Random Orbital Sander

The Black & Decker BDERO100 is one of the best random orbital sanders for low budget professionals out there. For a price of less than $75 and top ratings in numerous reviews, this sander proves to be a great choice for an average woodworker. Its main strength point lies in the consistently fine results it produces. And with its orbit action also, the Black & Decker model proves to be a great choice for a novice woodworker who would like to perfect sanding without wasting a lot of their materials.

Great quality construction and comfortable handle – The Black & Decker model is ultra-light and features a great handle and convenient design to ensure that you can work properly for many hours without feeling fatigued. The comfortable grip is especially useful when handling big doors as it can protect you from getting hand cramps.

Hook and loop system – The hook and loop system is a fast method for changing sandpapers. In fact, this system ensures that you can swap papers in as quickly as 5 seconds, thus enabling you to save a lot more time.

Features random orbit action – The Black & Decker model is able to achieve high-quality finishes thanks to the random orbit action. This feature also enhances quicker removal of debris from wood, plus it helps achieve a lot of efficiency with tough jobs.

Features a dust-sealed switch to keep dirt and debris away from the tool. This in, turn, helps prolong its service life.

4. Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sander

Best Random Orbital Sander

The Bosch ROS20VSC is a sander designed to serve multiple purposes with great efficiency. It is a sander built for all kinds of woodworkers, most especially because it offers excellent results irrespective of what applications you are handling. The tool also combines a couple of modern sanding technologies to help add efficiency and convenience while doing your work. But to learn more about it, read below.

Efficient-The Bosch ROS20VSC features a uniquely designed pad orbit and rotation for quick removal and well-blended finishes on your woodwork. With the high-quality polisher kit, the Bosch model is built to achieve the exact sanding standards a carpenter has in mind.

Erases swirl marks – Apart from being one of the top random orbit sanders in the market, the Bosch device is unique in that it can completely eliminate swirl marks from your work. It achieves this with the help of an integrated dampening system that is uncommon with other sanders.

Patented hook and loop disc attachment – The Bosch’s hook and loop disc attachment is unique for a good reason. It is able to hold a disc firmly with its more than 35,000 hooks, plus it helps achieves uniform finishes even on contoured wood surfaces.

Features a Variable Speed Control – The sander helps you run its motor according to the job you have at hand. You can adjust this speed from 7,500 to 12,000 rpm, which will in turn help prolong the motor’s life and efficiency in the long run.

Multiple Grip Positions – The Bosch model ensures you can work for long before you experience any fatigue with its grip. Again, it is designed to prevent debris or wood from affecting its service life.

5. Bosch 1250DEVS – Electric Random Orbital Sander

Best Random Orbital Sander

The Bosch 1250DEVS may be a little bit more expensive than average wood sanders, but its top of the line performance and high-quality features proves it is worth the price you pay for it. To start with, the device features a 6.5amp motor which is powerful enough to handle any type of heavy sanding you have at hand. On the other hand, the tool features a turbo mode that runs aggressively and fast to help you achieve fine, swirl-free materials. In addition, the 5.3-pound tool boats of the following other high-quality features.

High Performer – With its 6.5amp motor and six-inch size, the Bosch 1250DEVS delivers a one of a kind sanding job irrespective of how rough your wooden materials might be. In addition, the sander comes with a unique turbo mode that makes the sander run super-aggressively while removing stock fast and more effectively than average sanders can.

Light and Convenient – Despite its excellent performance, the Bosch model weighs 5.3 pounds and measures 14.3*8.3*6.6 inches. And as if not convenient enough, the device has a rather comfortable handle to help you handle the contoured tough surfaces easily and in a less-tiring manner.

Soft Start and speed controls – The Bosch sander model is designed to start softly and increase its speed according to the applications at hand. This saves on energy and extends the motor’s life. Again, by regulating the speed, you are able to work effortlessly in simple jobs and increase your efforts when the job toughens.

Response circuitry to maintain pad speed – The circuitry also protects your sander from damage in case of an overload.

However, it is also served with a 1-year warranty.

6. Porter-Cable 7346SP Polishing Pad Random Orbit Sander

Best Random Orbital Sander

The Porter-Cable 4.5amp wood sander is a great choice for many woodworkers out there. The handheld, 6 pounds weighing tool is also a top-rated sander with an average of 4/5 stars in multiple random orbital sander reviews. It may not be the most powerful sander, however, but all the same, it has features that could help you wood sand efficiently for a long time.

Powerful motor with variable speed controls – The small wood sander has a motor powerful enough to eliminate stocks easily and produce fine results at your carpentry workshop. In addition, you can also prolong its service life by controlling its RPM speed depending on the applications you have at hand.

Light and Convenient – The Porter cable model weighs 6 pounds only, and measures 11.5*10.5*6 inches. In addition, the tool comes with a slip-free grip handle to help you run your sanding job for many hours without feeling fatigued. The handle can also be fixed on either the right or left sides, thus giving you extra convenience and better control. Again, the tool is made with high-quality materials and could survive unavoidable falls or knocks without experiencing problems.

Comes with a 6-inch proprietary counter balance to help accommodate 6-inch sized polishing pads

Comes with a 3-year limited warranty for defects and a one-year service warranty.

What is a Random Orbital Sander?

If you already know what belt sanders and orbital finishing sanders are, you shouldn’t’ have difficulties identifying the best random orbital sanders. Basically, these devices have the compact housing designs of a finishing sander but their sanding pads are round in shape. This is contrary to the orbital finishers whose sanding pads are square-shaped. Another notable difference in a random orbital sander is that it has the aggressiveness of a belt sander and the fine finishing feature of an orbital finishing sander.

With that in mind, a typical random orbital sander will have its pad rotate in “random orbits,” albeit with a circular motion. In addition, this pad rotates simultaneously to enable a woodworker to eliminate stocks smoothly. A good random orbit sander is also able to eliminate swirl and leave an impressively fine finish. Note also that because of their random sanding action, sanders are not sensitive to the direction of the wood grain, thus enabling them to sand two or more pieces of wood that are combined together.


As already mentioned, most sanders are handheld, often featuring a single hand. When it comes to size and weight, the device’s approximate 5 pounds and measurements that do not exceed 6 inches. However, you can also find a random orbital device with a barrel-grip or D-handle.

Disc shape

These devices either feature pressure-sensitive adhesive abrasive discs or hook and loop disks. The biggest difference among the two is that the hook and loop disc is faster and easier to remove, while the former are cheaper but more difficult to change. Modern devices also feature a dust collection feature that sucks dust through a vacuum and collects it to a bag.

Finally, random orbital finishers are designed to handle multiple tasks, which is why most of them also feature variable speed control systems. There are also not expensive, and range between $50 and $250.

Types of Orbital Sanders

When you are a DIY person, or any average woodworker, there is a time when you will need to sand a surface. And in these modern times, you would be misinformed to use rough sand paper when electric sanders are so cheap and efficient.

There are multiple sanders you could choose from, but orbital sanders are the most common among them. So what makes them good? Read below and also learn the different types of orbital sanders you should consider buying.

Orbital Finishing Sander

A typical orbital finishing sander is small, handheld, and quiet in operation. You can find these devices in almost any retailer that trades woodwork tools, and there aren’t expensive either.

However, their expensive nature should suggest something to you; they aren’t the best. On average, a good orbital finishing sander will align surfaces accordingly, but won’t remove stocks and debris efficiently.

The devices also go by the name quarter-sheet sanders, because they accommodate 9*11 inch sized sand papers. The sand papers are in turn held safely by clamps underneath the tools’ flat pad. Note however that these pads are square-shaped even if they rotate in a circular motion.

Random Orbit Sander

If you are reading this, you have probably already gone through our six reviewed random orbit sanders. But to refresh your mind, a random orbit sander has a circular shaped sanding pad. They are more aggressive compared to orbital finishing sanders and thus can remove stocks and achieve smooth finishes as well. One of the biggest advantages of a random orbital sander is their versatile nature.

On average, you could use a strong random orbital sander to dispel stocks from severally connected pieces of wood, fine-tune large doors and convey it home for your DIY projects with ease.

Detail Sanders

Ideally, a detail sander is an orbital sander with triangular-shaped plates, small for use in confined areas and corners where normal sanders can touch. They mostly use sticky sandpapers, they are cheap and work well as fulfilling sanders to professional woodworkers. Since they are only good for windows or corners, these types of sanders are really cheap, mostly priced under $50.

Rectangular Pad Orbital Sanders

These devices are often not different from normal sanders, except for the fact that they have pads shaped in a rectangular design. Other than that, they are portable, efficient, and as reliable as any other good orbital sander.

What to Look for in the Best Random Orbital Sander?

Best Random Orbital Sander

Instead of juggling between the many types of sanders in the market today, isn’t it just better to know what makes up the best sander and buying it? After all, there is a high chance that you probably only care about the efficiency, convenience, and price of a sander, right? Okay, there are a few more factors you should consider before buying the right sander for your job. Below we have compiled a detailed list to guide you through the buying process.

Motor Power

Typical orbital sanders operate by use of a motor. On average, a good sander should have a motor that can produce at least 3amperes worth of power. The power produced by the motor plays a great role in determining the speed at which the tool can rotate, which in turn reflects in the overall machine’s efficiency rate. Slower rotating sanders definitely can’t handle the tough jobs a high rotating device can and this is a factor you should keep in mind.

Comfort Level

Sanding is often not a fun job. When you are a professional, you could actually take half or a whole day working on different sanding jobs. With this in mind, you may want to buy a sander with the best handles and grip functions. Fortunately, most of the modern orbital sanders in the market have anti-slip grip handles that can be held from multiple locations.

This makes it easy for you to handle small and big doors alike without getting hand cramps or experiencing a lot of fatigue. Comfort also comes in how well you can use the sander while tackling corners or hard to reach areas. Consider these factors can then settle for the best tool you can get.

Dust Collection System

Again, most of the modern orbital sanders do come with a dust collection system. Don’t ignore to check every model you plan to buy, though. A good sander often features a vacuum that sucks debris and dirt into a bag that can later be removed. Others simply sucks dust directly with holes built from their sanding pads.

The dust is then directly into a dust canister that is attached to the machine. But alongside the dust collection system, take note of the machine’s ability to protect itself from excessive dust. Go for a machine that doesn’t hold the dust, as this could reflect in a shorter service life.

Variable Speed Settings

A sander with a controlled speed setting not only helps save your energy while working, but it also prolongs its service life. You are also able to maintain the sandpapers because the device can rotate slower or faster depending on the application at hand. Such sanders are also great for versatility because you can remove paints with them or apply smooth finishes without affecting your materials.

Quick Sand-paper Changing system

If you sand at a professional level, you probably use several sandpapers before completing your job. And to help save on your time, you may want to buy a device that you can easily swap sandpapers for a more effective working experience. When you buy a hook and loop disk sander, changing papers will always be fast and effortless. Sometimes it takes five seconds or less to swap papers from such a sander, and this further saves your time.

Long Power Cord

It may not look like a big deal, but you will realize the need for a sander with a long cord when handling big doors and tables. As such, try to settle for a device with a longer power cord instead of buying a machine that will force you to invest more in extension cords.


If possible, settle for the lightest yet most efficient orbital sander you can find. It just helps to have a light device, as this will reduce the fatigue rate to a great extent. But along the lightness, ensure that you buy a device constructed to last for long.

Benefits of a Random Orbital Sander

Although modern sanders aren’t 100% effective at handling contoured surfaces, they are undoubtedly great machines for removing stocks and making surfaces smooth. When tackling professional jobs actually, you can’t make it without a random orbital sander. And truth be told, sanders don’t disappoint. They also have their own unique benefits, some of which include:

Excellent Stock Removers

If you can find a great random sander, you may never get disappointed when it comes to eliminating stocks. Their small circular shaped pads and strong motors are actually built to remove even swirls, and in the end providing you smooth surfaces. This is actually a unique benefit to random orbit sanders, as other machines find it hard to eliminate swirls.

Provide Smooth Finishes

When you buy the best random orbital sander, you get services often provided by orbital finishing sanders and belt machines. To be specific, these devices will achieve the great smooth finishing levels the best finishing sander can achieve and eliminate stocks as efficiently as possible. And if you can find a device with controlled speed settings, you will be able to get excellent results even from contoured surfaces.

Feature Easy to change Hook and Loop disks

Most sanders feature hook and loop disks which can be changed in as quick as 5 seconds. This helps you save a lot of time and concentrate more on sanding than in changing papers. There are also not demanding in maintenance expenses, especially if you only use your sander for simple DIY jobs.

Efficient Dust Collection systems

Most of the modern random sanders in the market today are great with controlling dust and debris. They are also designed to eliminate as much debris as possible, and in the end helping prolong their service life. Typical sanders have holes that suck dust and collect it into a dust canister, while others have built-in vacuums to suck debris. In the end, you are able to operate comfortably without being affected by dust at your workshop.

Comfortable and less tiring

Finally, sanders have small and light designs that feature comfortable handles. In most cases, the devices weigh less than 5 pounds and come with slip-free grip handles that do not cause cramps on your hands.


Although sanders are not perfect sanders, they are at least better in performance than most other types. And if you can find the best random orbital sander actually, you could be in for the comfortable, versatile, and efficient benefits they provide. In addition, most of these devices are inexpensive despite helping you to eliminate stock and achieve smooth surfaces. Still, there are many more reasons to love these machines.

However, it is your workshop needs that should guide you to spot the best from the random orbital sanders reviews featured above.

For other woodworking sanding tasks, check out our reviews of the following types of sanders: oscillating spindle sanders and belt sanders.

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