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JET 708675PK XACTASAW Table Saw Review

This JET 708675PK Xacta Saw demonstrates the real power of a table saw. Built-in safety features include a riving knife that quickly releases to help prevent kickback.

The single-phase, 3 HP motor is powered by a Poly-V belt drive system ensuring that the blade operates smoothly even when powering through the thickest lumber.

Key Features of  JET 708675PK

Built to Last

The JET 708675PK Xacta Saw features all-metal construction from top to bottom. The large 29- x 42-inch work surface is made of finely ground cast iron. Under the table, a heavy-duty trunnion is also made of cast iron and features a wide stance that makes this table saw remarkably stable and nearly free of vibration.

Easy Miter Slot Alignment

By loosening four exterior hex screws, you can align the miter slot with the blade.  The JET Xacta saw also includes a miter gauge that allows you to make even more precise and consistent crosscuts and miters.

Left Tilting Arbor For Burn-Free Bevel Cuts

The Jet Xacta Saw is a left-tilt machine that means the blade tilts away from the fence. It’s an ideal feature when cutting bevels because the scrap will fall onto the table instead of getting pinched between the blade and the fence.

Built-In Storage Drawer

Measures 12 ½ inches x 18 inches x 4 inches and is sealed from the cabinet to keep accessories within easy reach.

50-Inch Total Rip Capacity

A signature feature of JET saws is the Xacta Fence. This adjustable fence has a familiar T-Square design and allows the work surface to expand up to 42 inches wide.

Collects Dust For a Cleaner Work Space 

The blade is fully covered to allow for efficient dust collection into the built-in 4-inch port.

Five-Year Limited Warranty Protection

JET products are known for their generous warranty protection. It’s powerful protection for a powerful, hardworking product.

JET 708675PK Review

JET 708675PK

When you’re ready to step up to a cabinet saw or looking for a replacement for your last faithful companion, this JET 10-inch table saw deserves strong consideration. Simply put, you’ll appreciate the exceptional features that give you the power you expect and an unrelenting eye towards features that make it an exceptional value.

From the feel of the handwheels to the knobs that keep the saw height and angle securely in place, the JET 708675PK has the premium heft that you expect from a tool of this kind.

Considering you could easily pay hundreds of dollars more, you’ll appreciate the money you’ll save without having to sacrifice performance. This cabinet saw will cut smoothly through cherry and plywood and have you coming back for more.

Any concerns about this saw tend to focus on the adjustability of the fence. Since you’ll be using this saw for several different cuts from dados to tongue and groove, it’s worth the extra time to learn how to make the proper adjustments upfront.


Like all JET saws, you get sturdy metal construction that includes cast-iron wings that make the work surface larger and allow a 50-inch rip capacity, including a full 10 inches of clearance in front of the fully raised blade.

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