DEWALT DW788 Variable-Speed Scroll Saw Review

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When you want extreme perfection and accuracy, then choose DEWALT DW788 as the Scroll Saw in your tool kit.

When you are working with things that are highly intricate and require extreme precision, then you should definitely think of buying DEWALT DW788.

It offers you a great number of advantages, and its dynamic features combine to give you an overall beautiful working experience.

Specifications of Dewalt DW788

Dewalt DW788

Now, DEWALT DW788 is one tool that you can totally depend on, because you have a wide variety of features, which make it highly versatile, comfortable and flexible for use at the jobsite. It is easy to handle, because of a wide variety of user-friendly features. Read the buying guide for easy to buy.

One of the unique features of a scroll saw needs to be its extreme accuracy, because you handle some small pieces, which require a great deal of neatness and precision.

With this particular scroll saw, you are able to get that. The reduced-vibration design, which has a parallel-link arm design is able to reduce that, so that your hand will not vibrate, when you are working for long hours.

To make your work further easier, and to allow for the smooth moving of your hand, the specially designed arm is able to pivot from the back of the saw bringing the head to the front, so that you will not have to move your hand all the way, thereby shortening the distance.

Shorter and precise cuts are made with ease and in a short time. The saw blade is always kept perpendicular to the thing that you are working on, so that there are no chances of undercutting or overcutting something, which can surely destroy the beauty of your job.

Another advantage that you are able to get with DW788 is that it has been designed in such a way so that your tasks can be performed really easily. It has convenient controls, so that you have a user-friendly experience.

The saw has an on-off switch button, blade-tensioning lever and speed control, which are all in easy reach, so that you do not have to inconvenienced.

Furthermore, if you like your work area to be pristine and clear, then the flexible dust blower is the perfect feature for you, which allows blowing away bits of debris at whatever direction you want. Along with that, you have the variable-speed control, which allows you to use different speeds, including 400 to 1,750 strokes per minute.

It also has a dependable 1.3 Amp motor, which allows you to deliver different stroke lengths, ranging from between ¾ inch and up to 2 inches deep. Now, this will get you some brilliant results.

Additionally, you have a wide variety of specialty materials, which can allow you to change blades in a number of seconds.


Brilliant features, brilliant design. Why would you go for anything else? Buy DEWALT DW788 right now!

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