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Best Belt Sanders Reviews 2022 & Buying Guide

The belt sanders are the essential tools that are intended for many uses. In addition, these are generally utilized for sanding very rough surfaces, trimming a scribed line, freehand shaping, and rounding and leveling surfaces.

These are highly recognized as exceptional at rapidly eliminating wood since they are powerful in dealing with coarse grits. This is not identical with vibrating or orbital sanders, you can ensure outstanding outcome even when handling coarse grits since the sanding action is even.

In reality, a belt sander is not highly regarded as a valuable tool in a house owner’s arsenal; however, this is a very vital tool for most carpenters and other do-it-yourself projects at home or in the workplace. These are comparably safe tools to use but of course, it is still wise to take some precautions. Check here this article to find more information about disc sanders right now.

They are simple tools that do not require a number of improvements. The best Belt sanders are easy to use and can instantly provide a finishing touch to materials. With minimal effort and using them properly, they could provide smooth and wonderfully shaped surfaces. Learn more about this device through reading more belt sander reviews.

Top 6 Best Belt Sanders Review

1. Makita 9903 Industrial Belt Sander

Best Belt Sanders

This belt sander is crafted with a front grip design and is double insulated. It does not produce any annoying noise while in use. In like manner, it is manufactured with a dust bag that is intended to ensure that the working area is well-kept and tidy all the time. It is great for metal or wood and is excellent at successfully removing dust and paint.

What is more, this belt sander is designed with an auto-tracking belt system’s which means that it can track belts without the need for adjustments. It also comes with a very exclusive style that let’s flush sanding the wall’s corner with the nose as well as the sander’s side.

Many consumers opt for this model because it consolidates speed and power and is quite easy to utilize. It can also ensure efficient and instant stock removal. This is a great option for carpenters, floor installers, woodworkers, general contractors, furniture makers, general contractors who especially necessitate a top-notch device.

It is pivotal to note that this model is engineered for woodworking and cabinetry. It works wonders when it comes to furniture, wood panels, cabinets and closets, and the like. Its low profile design guarantees better balance. There is also an optional sanding shoe that is ready for use to ensure accurate sanding depth control.

This model is known for being energy-efficient, compact, and could deliver industrial-strength power and favor bale outcomes. This is a great investment to consider especially when your projects consist mainly of cabinetry, woodworks, and the like.

2. Makita 9403 Wide Belt Sander

Best Belt Sander

This belt sander model integrates speed and power that is also much uncomplicated to utilize. Unlike other devices out there, this does not annoy you as it does not produce any disturbing noise while you’re at work. It does efficient work at removing stock. This is the perfect option for furniture makers, deck builders, woodworkers, general contractors and floor installer who requires world-class belt sanding device for their specifications and projects.

It is crafted with an 11 amp motor that comes with electronic speed control- this is meant to provide consistent speed under load. For a fact, this model is highly deemed as one of the quietest sanders, it is made with a wide belt and its speed reaches 1,640 ft. per min.

This tool is made with a big front grip that guarantees control and comfort and an uncomplicated lever control that makes altering the belts a piece of cake task to handle. It is double insulated and designed with a ceramic wear plate that is replaceable which is intended to keep maintenance time to a minimum.

Aside from this, this model is known for being heavy-duty, well-built, and is capable of getting rid of stock in a snap. With that, it cannot be denied that it can do the job at once like a champ. It is best for smoothing rough sawn lumber which is quite big to get through planers. This is a great purchase if you frequently have woodworks, cabinetry, and other related projects that require a top-drawer belt sanding tool.

3. Black & Decker DS321 Portable Belt Sander

Portable Belt Sander

This model comes with a very innovative front roller that enables users to reach even the hardest and the tightest corners without the hassle and lets you reduce the need for flush sanding. It is designed with 6 amps and is a great choice for people who often handle home improvements projects whether at their own home or doing it for business. This belt sander is very lightweight and comes with a compact style.

In addition, it is crafted with a 3-position handle to ensure maximum control; it is retractable and has a dust collection bag that helps users keep the working location tidy and organized.

At the time the paper needs to be changed, all you need to do is to use the belt in order to easily release the lever and the adjustment knob – take in mind that you need to be extra careful on this to make sure that the best stays in proper position. From there, you’re prepared to get back to work at once.

This model is manufactured by a highly recognized brand which is known for being the top-notch provider when it comes to storage equipment and tools, engineered fastening systems, commercial electronic security, and the like.

This belt sander is proudly crafted by a company that is famed for its distinctive growth platforms and a sustainable profitable growth track record. That said, it is not surprising why this is a great purchase to consider especially for most homeowners and people who are in home improvement and renovation type of business.

4. PORTER-CABLE 371K Small Belt Sander

Best Belt Sanders

This belt sander model is compact and is highly recognized for having world-class features. It is crafted with a 5 amp motor and can provide serious power although it is quite light in terms of weight and is also portable. This model won’t give you a hard time transporting it from one location to another.

Its lightweight frame will definitely provide much-needed comfort when holding it in your hand and doing your project. It is designed with a big rubber grip on the surface and is especially mean to let you enjoy accurate control that your current task necessitates.

Apart from all these, this belt sander works great even in tight areas; it is handy so you can easily and comfortably move it up to perpendicular and 90-degree angles without hassle.

It is also very convenient to utilize since it comes with an anterior dust port that can be removed anytime and its dust-sealed recessed switch helps eliminate accidental switch-off – undeniably, this is very good at making your sanding work struggle-free in a snap. Once purchased, a sturdy carrying case is already included for easy transport and storage.

If you are the type who does home renovation and improvement projects, loves to do carpentry, furniture fixing and making, cabinetry, and other wood-related hype of jobs, then this very compact and lightweight belt sander is a must-have for you. It is very affordable and is designed to provide a number of practical uses.

If you opt for a handy, portable, and not too bulky belt sander that you can carry with you anywhere and anytime you want, this is a wise purchase for you.

5. Hitachi SB8V2 Handheld Belt Sander

Best Belt Sanders

This model comes with a 1,020W motor and crafted with superior quality material to ensure maximum performance. This is the best option for steel, wood, and paint removal. It is durable and is also manufactured with a wear-resistant V-belt.

It is known for having a no-load speed of 820 to 1,475-ft. per min. what makes it a wise purchase is that its service life can reach by up to two times or even longer as compared to average belt sanders available these days.

This device is great at handling corner sanding jobs since it has a dust bag that can be found on the left side and its main body is flush having a belt pulley that is located on the right side.

This model takes pride on its upgraded specifications which consist of a clear front cover, variable speed dial, and a soft elastomer that is designed with a completely shielded grip on both the sub and main handles. The dust collection bag is meant to help lessen airborne particles and maintain an organized and well-kept working space.

This is absolutely a wise investment that provides you your money’s worth. It can guarantee professional-grade power devices for diverse uses such as metalwork, fastening, woodwork, concrete, cutting, and drilling. This is another innovative product of Hitachi that boasts enhanced quality of craftsmanship globally.

Moreover, this name is known for being the leader when it comes to power tool research and development. If you prefer a premium quality type of belt sander, you may consider investing in this model.

6. PORTER-CABLE 362V Large Belt Sander

Best Belt Sanders

This model definitely offers a very powerful 12amp motor. It is designed with an all-metal style to ensure powerful handling, durability, and long years of service. More than that, this brand is a perfect choice for homeowners and professionals who handle small or big projects. It is heavy-duty and thus comes with a large capacity. It is crafted with a variable speed dial for picking speeds from a thousand by up to 1500sfpm.

In the same way, it is made with a belt-tracking knob that is intended for easy and instant belt adjustments and a very reliable swiveling dust collection bag. The motor of this belt sander is placed directly over the platen to guarantee accurate balance- this also ensures maximum control at the time you handle large woodworking tasks.

To ensure a consistent flow of speed while you do the project, the reliable belt and ear system evenly transfers power from a single motor to the sanding belt. Assuredly, this device is user-friendly even though it is powerful and quite large. This tool allows you to work more comfortably even during extended projects.

Additionally, this belt sander does not give you a hard time when it comes to transporting and storing it. It is not too bulky so it can be transported and carried everywhere and anytime you prefer- making it struggle-free for you to handle tasks away from home. This is a must-have investment that you need to factor in if you want your woodwork projects to be done accordingly in no time.

What is a Belt Sander?

What is a Belt Sander

The belt sanders are primarily utilized in providing smooth finishing touches to metal, woodwork, and flooring. These tools are utilized for laborious and time-consuming tasks like smoothing corners as well as eliminating burrs. These can be utilized to get rid of paint from surfaces, in resurfacing and renovating age-old furniture, and also in clearing away stains from woods. Such devices are intended to help smoothen corners and acquire round edges on furniture.

Indeed, they are commonly equipped with bags to gather the dust produced at the time of sanding, hence keeping the working area tidy and well-kept.

Such devices can also be used to sand soft metals. They can be utilized more efficiently as they do not get clogged as compared to traditional pedestal grinders. These can be stationary or handheld. Stationary ones are securely mounted on workbenches and called as bench sanders while handheld sanders are typically utilized to sand floors or in sanding non-movable surfaces.

Take note that bench sanders are mainly utilized to sand materials which could not be brought nearby the sander. There are a number of belt sanders that are ready for use that come with diverse options.

At times, there may be paint or residue on a surface and through the use of the best belt sander, residue and paint can be removed easily and can help maintain the finish of the surface. These devices are great at getting rid of unwanted materials from surfaces in no time. Many of us generally utilize them for the initial phases of sanding where huge amounts of material require to be eliminated in only a little time.

Essentially, these devices are so aggressive reason why it matters to maintain control while they are in use. These are very necessary tools for many carpenters and tasks can be accomplished easily and effortlessly.

Benefits of The Best Belt Sanders

The best-rated belt sanders are electric devices that make use of sandpaper belts in order to smooth such materials such as plastic, metal, or wood. There are portable ones, stationary, or those that are equipped with a motor and 2 drums that are meant to roll out the sandpaper belt.

There are a number of upsides when using belt sanders and these consist of:

  • These are good at fixing sticking and old doors through hand planning with the aid of a planer. They are a good alternative when instantly removing excess materials from the edge of a door and hence can aid reduce sticking.
  • These are excellent at eliminating stain, old paint, and varnish from furniture, cabinets, and doors.
  • Such devices can be regularly used to work on some fine adjustments to scribed lines, baseboard, and filler strips for cabinets, crown molding, extension wings on fine custom closets, and many more. Alternatively, this can be used when you need to scribe a surface that is uneven.
  • They let you methodically and gradually work up and smooth scribed line with minimal effort. This does wonders for any carpentry type of work.
  • It is significant to note that a portable belt sander can deliver smooth and even results with only minimal effort and mess as compared to sanding manually. It is because of the efficiency, ease of use, and convenience of this device why it undoubtedly became a renowned tool for novices and professionals alike.
  • Over and above, when you take into consideration the size of the machine and the kind of work that you will be handling, you will be able to search for the most outstanding belt sander for your requirements and preferences.
  • They come in an innumerable number of practical uses like shaping, smoothing, sanding, leveling as well as trimming rough boards and edges. With the help of this device, you need not worry about clearing away stain finishes and old paint. As a matter of fact, the latest models of these devices are designed to help reduce paint and rust from metals.

As you can see, there are lots of features to look for when it comes to belt sanders. However, more than anything else, what matters most is how advantageous it will be for your needs and what for you’re going to use it.

There are several options out there and it is helpful to obtain advice from professionals and credible sellers so to get the one that best matches your requirements. In so doing, you can select the suitable belt speed for the kind of project you’re currently working on.

Best Belt Sanders Buying Guides

When you’re buying the best wide belt sander, there are numerous features that you must search for. Fundamentally, the machines will generally come with either automatic or manual tracking. Be reminded that this helps keep the belt centered on rollers at the time the device is in use. To ensure a clean working area, typically dust bags are included in the package once bought;

However, there are a few sanders that can be fastened to shop vacuums. Note that it is also good to pick the one that comes with a flip lever that is easy to utilize when it comes to altering worn-out belts.

Basically, there are many additional features that you should take into consideration. A few belt sanders have the alternative of being mounted or handheld on a workbench to become the type of sander that’s stationary. Meanwhile, you can also choose for a variable speed sander. This lets you select the suitable belt speed for the kind of task that you will handle. There are those that do not produce any annoying noise while in use.

The following are some of the features that you must ensure to consider when buying large belt sanders:

The uses

Belt sanders come with profuse practical uses. In actuality, you can utilize them to level, trim, shape, sand, and smooth boards which are rough. Check out carefully if the device is good at clearing away stain finishes and old paint. You may opt for the one that can also help considerably eliminate paint and rust from metals.

Maintenance and care

It is imperative to examine the belt in your belt sander for some cracks on a regular basis and see to it that the rollers properly line up. In the long run, your sanding belt will corrode the platen which pertains to the metal piece located between the boot and the belt. This simply implies that your platen will require being replaced every now and then. Further, you may also consider vacuuming out your belt sander so to prolong the life of the device.

The Size

When picking the suitable belt sander for your needs, it is vital to think through the project’s size and what it is being utilized for. Note that these tools differ in size: there are industrial sanders, wide-belt, and small belt sanders, and those which are handheld.

Belt sanders that come in large sizes are commonly utilized by carpenters, floor installers, general contractors, furniture makers, deck builders, and woodworkers. These professionals choose powerful and heavy-duty units and those that are designed with high amp rates- nearly anyone could control the versatility as well as powers of such huge tools. Most importantly, if you handling large projects like refinishing and sanding a deck, you may opt for a more powerful and larger sander for your tedious and big task.

Be that as it may, if you’re utilizing the machine for minor, around the house, and simple to handle projects, you can just purchase a smaller and less powerful belt sander. These ones are a lot easier to handle, they work wonders in detail work and also great at handling tasks in tight corners.

Power and Weight

It is not really necessary to opt for a tremendous power when it comes to handling most sanding tasks. While it is given that more power at the same affordable price is good so it is still sensible to do some comparisons on motor amperages from one brand to another. When making comparisons, you will unveil amperages that range from as tiny as six and as much as ten or even higher.

When it comes to weight, it is not a bad thing if you are attempting to hog down a few poorly misaligned panel boards. But, if you need to work on more home renovation tasks and you require utilizing a belt sander overhead or vertically, then it matters to also be discreet about the weight ratings. For instance, a 12-lb. to 15-lb. machine is more exhausting when utilized vertically as compared to a 10-lb. or less belt sander.

Comfort and Design

As always, it is a must to highly consider the level of comfort the device can provide while in use. When working, of course, it is always best to use a kind of device that is comfortable to use on your hands. Check out the location and the shape of the switches and handles. There are a few models that come with handles which can be set to numerous positions or some are adjustable that they can be removed in order to obtain tight spaces.

Be sure to search for a button to lock the power on. Not to mention, it is disturbing to hold the trigger for a long time. See to it that the device is turned off prior to you plug in it. Keep in mind that such tools can do a lot of damage while in use. Be very careful while using them.

You can find the best belt sanders that are designed with a single or both sides totally flat – this lets you sand right up against a surface that’s vertical. Some models are designed with three wheels enabling bigger platen in between the rear and front wheels. Essentially, this provides bigger usable sanding areas at any given period.

Dust collection

You must search for how uncomplicated to reattach and remove the dust bag from the machine. These days, there are available belt sanders that enable you to detach the dust bag and directly connect it to a shop vacuum hose. This is quite beneficial particularly if you plan to utilize the tool every now and then.

With the right choice of belt sander, a laborious and time-consuming project can be accomplished well and won’t require much time for you to settle and fix tasks that must be done at once. With the appropriate device and sandpaper, you don’t need to encounter lots of hassles while you work. You only need to allow the weight of the tool to provide a suitable amount of pressure.

Tips on How to Use a Belt Sander

How to Use a Belt Sander

A belt sander is a very valuable woodworking tool that is specially crafted to smooth or sand down wood and make it ready for finishing. Besides, this can be utilized to round or smooth edges.

This device is rather large and if not utilized the proper way, it can result in damaging your wood and may even cause some serious injuries. The good thing about this tool is that it solely requires simple operation. Bear in mind that it is crucial to thoroughly adhere to the steps when using such a tool.

Here are some tips on how to properly and safely use a belt sander:

  1. Make sure that the wood to be sanded is prepared. Secure it properly on a workbench or on a table.
  2. Wear the required safety gears like gloves and goggles. Take into consideration that is your belt sander comes with a dust collection bag to gather sawdust, then you may not need goggles anymore. When using this tool, sawdust can easily penetrate your eyes reason why goggles are a must.
  3. See to it to start the belt sander’s motor whilst holding it away from the wood that you’re working on. Make it a point that it is at full speed prior to bringing it in contact with the wood. From there, you may begin with a coarse belt and then ensure to finish up the sanding with a finer and smoother grit.
  4. After that, it is high time to bring the rear of the device down to the wood, make certain that you have a solid grip on the back handle- this is the part that is utilized to have complete control of the tool.
  5. Then, you may begin moving the device forward.
  6. The next step would be to bring the rest of the device onto the wood as fine and smooth as probable.
  7. Maneuver the tool back and forth in fine, even, and smooth motions. To do so, you need to use the front handle as this helps guide the device across the wood.

Other things to keep in mind when using the best belt sander:

  • Ensure to maneuver the device aligned to the grain of the wood. This is to make certain that you end up with a smooth and even surface.
  • Keep the tool moving, the reason behind this because this will help ward off forming an uneven surface.
  • If your device is designed with clamps, then consider clamping it down in a vice, and right there you can maneuver the wood along the tool as opposed to maneuvering the device along the wood.
  • When altering the belt on a belt sander, make sure that you first detach the power cord prior to starting.
  • Meanwhile, you need to be extra careful and make sure that:
  • You do not put any additional pressure on the wood. The device is already a bulky tool and generally utilizes its own weight to apply extra pressure.
  • It is not advised to tip the device on its side mainly because the edge of this tool could cut into the wood.


Similar as with many other power tools, industrial belt sanders commonly operate at maximum speed. For this reason, it is very vital to use caution so to avoid potential harm and injury.

Bear in mind that it is indispensable to wear protective eye gear and strictly adhere to the operating and safety instructions of the manufacturer all the time. Note that belt sanders are not actually an inherently intricate type of tools; be that as it may, it requires some time to be accustomed to these devices.

In like manner, due to the intense power of this device, it could instantly take off and wreck your project especially if you are not careful enough. It is worth mentioning that inexperienced users must make it a point to do some practice prior to using it. Needless to say, by following some useful techniques, settings and with regular practice, it is a lot easier to master how to properly use this tool to your advantage.

Go for the best belt sander that you can afford and from there the device will give you several years of excellent service. Start reading more belt sander reviews to help you decide which model best matches your project’s needs.

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