Top 5 Best Bench Grinder (Review 2022)

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Your first bench grinder is an important investment. Don’t fall into the trap of spending too much for a grinder. There is a multitude of grinders that are available that won’t break your budget.

That’s why we created this guide to review the best of the best bench grinder. Our primary goal is to show you the top five bench grinders on today’s market for every price range. We’ll discuss both the pros and cons of each grinder to help you gain a better understanding. By the end of this post, you’ll have enough confidence to buy a bench grinder suitable for your needs.

Why Should You Choose Best Bench Grinder Carefully

Take a calculated approach when shopping for your first bench grinder. Some shoppers make the mistake of buying impulsively. This small mistake results in buying low-quality bench grinders that don’t last as long as expected or beyond just a few projects. Things to consider include:

  1. Speed
  2. Design Quality
  3. Safety Features

Read this quick section to see the three things you should consider before getting a bench grinder. Each of these factors is important because they relate to the performance of your bench grinder. Check your next grinder and make sure they match your standard features to ensure that they work for your projects.


The speed measures how fast your bench grinder rotates. However, too much speed isn’t always a good thing. For larger wheels, too much speed can result in the wheel falling off, overheating, or destroying the whole grinder completely because of the disk shattering.

Because of this, we suggest that you respect the maximum speed of your bench grinder relative to your projects. Staying in that speed keeps it from destroying your machine. When shopping for a bench grinder, find its top speed and stay within that range for your device to operate correctly.

Design Quality

Quality is the most important factor to consider. Low-quality bench grinders often lead to malfunctions and uneven cuts. To avoid this issue, buy a bench grinder that’s your price budget can afford. On average, you’ll have to pay at least $50-$100 to buy a bench grinder that’s reliable.

Rest assured, all the bench grinders in this reviewed are designed to improve the productivity of your workstation. Each of the grinders is used to create straight cuts out of metal materials to use for other projects.


You don’t want a bench grinder that creates hazards while it’s in use. Plus, don’t let people touch the grinder unless they are skilled and authorized to do so. One mistake can cause for the machine to malfunction and put multiple lives at risk.

Investing in a high-quality bench grinder can save you time and money long term. The grinders on this list are safer than their cheaper counterparts and have a better chance of sharpening dull metals without hardware problems short term. We’ve made sure that each grinder on this list is easy to use and operate. This helps shoppers utilize their bench grinder without getting exposed to risks and injuries.

Best Bench Grinder Buying Guide

The best Bench grinders come in various sizes. Grinders come in 4, 6, or 8 inches in size. The larger the size, the more room your machine has to utilize the materials. For basic use, get a grinder with four inches. These grinders are simple to use and are easy for beginners to polish, buff, and shine their metals.

But if you’re attempting to complete in-depth projects, a grinder of 6 to 8 inches is the best choice. These grinders give you enough space to work with harder materials such as steel and brass. Pay extra for a wider grinder to finish your projects more efficiently.

We suggest getting a grinder that’s relative to the size of your workspace. For instance, if your shop is small, then a grinder with ¼ or ½ horsepower is sufficient enough. You can get a half inch cutting wheels with this size.

But, if you’re doing heavy duty work or planning to use your grinder a lot, consider getting one that supports larger wheels or with a larger motor.

Some of the models have enough stability to handle wheels that are eight inches in size. That gives you enough surface area to grind larger materials and speed up the process.


The durability of your bench grinder relies on your maintenance. Neglectful usage reduces the chances of your bench grinder working correctly. We suggest cleaning your bench grinder at least once a week to ensure that it lasts.

Plus, your machine’s durability is correlated to its price value. Don’t waste your money buying inexpensive grinders. On average, they have a lifespan of 4 months before losing their quality and breaking. Fortunately, the grinders in this review are at a modest price and last for a long time.

Motor Speed

Your motor speed determines the effectiveness of your bench grinder. Most wood working grinders have an RPM of 1700. This gives it enough speed to keep the machine running without making any uneven cuts.

But, if you’re in need of a high-quality motor, you’ll need one that has a faster RPM. On average, 3500 is a good speed if you need a professional engine that lasts. These motors are built for the long term and are great for handling multiple metal pieces at once.

Eye Protection

During the bench grinding process, sparks tend to fly out of the machine. These sparks are hot and can cause serious injuries if caught between the eyes. That’s why it’s important that buy some extra eye protection before buying a bench grinder.

First, an eye shield is the first thing you should consider. Eyeshields stop the wheel from fragmenting and stops the sparks from getting onto your clothes.

Another safety measure is a spark deflector. Spark deflectors guard the upper and lower part of the wheel while it rotates. Like the eyeshield, it prevents the sparks from getting out of the machine when the wheel rotates. Consider investing in these two sources of protection to prevent getting harmed when using your bench grinder.

Top 5 Best Bench Grinder Review

Here are our recommendations bench grinders:

1. Winner: WEN 4276 Bench Grinder

Technical Specification

  • 3450 RPM
  • 2.1 Amp Motor
  • ​Worklight for added visibility and precision
  • Compact design at 16 lbs
  • Low noise and doesn’t need ear protection.
Best Bench Grinder

The WEN Grinder is a versatile and reliable grinder for professional metalworking. It’s powered by a 2.1 amp motor. But it’s fast enough to rotate at a speed of 3450 RPM. At this speed, it’s powerful enough to sharpen your tools even if they were made of hardened steel.

We also like the strength of the grinder’s motor. For instance, the motor is strong enough to give the best performance without losing speed, even if you apply added force on the wheels. And, the power switch is placed on the front unit, making it easy to toggle on and off.

One of the main pros of this grinder is its noise reduction. Most grinders are loud and require ear protection to use properly. But with the wen grinder, it operates smoothly without causing that much of a disturbance. Get this grinder if noise is a serious concern for you.

Like any bench grinder, safety is critical. There’s a transparent spark deflector that’s placed on the top of the unit. This feature allows you to see the grinding while protecting you from random debris and sparks flying out of the machine.

While it’s not recommended, you can use this machine without ear protection because of the quality of the spark deflector. And, the deflector can be positioned and moved to whatever angle you please. Thus, making this grinder a versatile one.

Also, we like the portable work light that comes with the device. The light gives clear visibility in your workspace. Plus, the light has a clip on system that makes it easier to relocate and remove your light’s position if needed.

We wish that the grinder was more consistent. When polishing and cutting high-end material, the grinder tends to underperform. Because of this fact, you should get a replacement or another bench grinder model if this scenario occurs.

Bench grinders are a great investment and require a lot of time to become adept with the machine. However, the wen bench grinder is easy to use and delivers great results when cutting materials such as steel, iron, and copper.

2. Runner Up: SKIL Bench Grinder

Technical Specification

  • Anti Skid Feet
  • Compact Size
  • 3450 RPM
  • Dual grind wheels for coarse and medium grinding.
  • Clear view guard and LED lights
Best Bench Grinder

The SKIL 6 inch bench grinder is a versatile and useful grinder for those needing something durable. It has enough stability to work on multiple projects without receiving a scratch. Because of its outstanding design and mechanics, it’s one of the best-rated bench grinders in today’s market.

You need a grinder that’s powerful enough to work without losing speed. It features a 2.1 Amp motor that spins once it’s in operation. If you’re looking for a consistent and useful bench grinder, they the SKIL grinder is an excellent choice.

The grinder comes with medium and coarse wheels to help you grind almost anything. There are additional wheels available for this device, giving you an open range of wheels needed for any project. Thus, making it a very versatile and useful product to have in your workspace.

One thing that sets this device from the competition is its compact size. Weighing in at 20 pounds, the SKIL grinder is mobile enough to be transported throughout the shop. You’ll want this grinder because it’s easy to carry and utilize.

When working during long evenings, you’ll want a light to help you see your work. The SKIL grinder comes equipped with a work light that shines down on the machine. Users like this feature because it gives them a clearer view of what they’re doing and improves their efficiency when it comes to projects.

Another thing we liked was the grinder’s simple interface. On average, it takes a new user at least 20 minutes to get used to the device. The SKIL is easy to install and set up, making it great for novice woodchoppers who want a basic bench grinder to use.

But, there is one thing that consumers disliked. For instance, the bench grinder’s wire wheel releases metal when it’s used. Make sure to wear safety goggles to protect yourself if this situation occurs.

The SKIL bench grinder is the best metal grinder that money can buy. Since the grinder has a medium set of wheels, it’s easy to use for almost any project. It’s fast, sturdy, and is affordable to most customers.

3. Winner: Dewalt Bench Grinder (DW758)

Technical Specification

  • Overload Protection
  • Durable
  • 3600 RPM
  • Aluminum Tool Rests
  • Tool-Free Adjustable Guard
Best Bench Grinder

Third on our list is the Dewalt DW758 variable speed grinder. The grinder is versatile enough to handle projects such as sharpening, polishing, buffing, and sharpening cutting tools. This machine is powerful enough to handle hard metals and even abusive metals. Buy this grinder if you want a stable device to refine all of your metals.

When using the grinder, you’ll notice it has an HP that delivers optimal performance. This industrially sized grinder is made to provide some superior power. The device has an RPM of 3,600 the motor provides enough strength required to eliminate material while you operate the machine.

This grinder comes with a cast iron grinder that with a housing that lasts for up to 5 years. Also, it has wheel guards that assist in creating smooth operations while it’s in use. Also, the grinder can handle large units because of its space of 12.5 inches. Get this device if you want something that’s versatile and easy to finish your projects.

Shoppers like the grinder because it works easily and runs smooth. When in use, its vibration is almost non-existent. This makes it easier for users to operate the machine without causing too much of a disturbance. You’ll love this grinder if you want something functional and easy to use without interference.

Bench grinder reviews praised this grinder because of its grinding accuracy. The machine runs at a speed of 300 horsepower which helps it polish and cut the hardest of metal materials. You should get this grinder if you need something useful enough to remove materials with ease.

However, the device has a few flaws in its design and durability. Consumers across the board found it difficult to fix and repair the wobble of the device. Take care of this bench grinder to prevent it from breaking under pressure and extended usage.

Overall, we believe that the Dewalt 6 grinder is the most useful grinder in today’s market. The machine operates perfectly and doesn’t cause much annoyance while running. You can find it on Amazon for the low price of about $125.

4. Runner Up: Jet Bench Grinder

Technical Specification

  • 5/8th-inch spindle
  • Adjustable spark guards
  • Cast iron wheel guards
  • Dust vents
  • Enclosed and Pre-lubricated ball bearings
Best Bench Grinder

Ranked fourth on our list is the Jet 6 Bench Grinder. Due to its 8-inch size, it gives the user enough power to handle most of the projects. You’ll love this grinder if you want something small enough to transport to your work place.

The foot rests another benefit that comes with this device. This is a feature that enhances grinder’s safety. Adjustable tool rests users control over their projects and helps them complete them promptly.

On some occasions, your bench grinder overheats during your project. Rest assured, the Jet Bench Grinder has an overload protection feature. This feature works by preventing the motor from overheating which helps extends the life of the table grinder. The motor housing consists of a solid cast iron to keep it stable when in use.

Another thing we’ve noticed about the product is its two vitrified grinding wheels. The coarse wheel on the right is used to keep cut the materials into the desired shape. The fine wheels help users polish their metals and restore the shine back to their equipment. Because of this, users have a reliable and useful bench grinder that helps them on 95{f90d55b932777b817d95308716e447288a2da9ce27c7e3a2680f3f00c456f5a5} of their projects.

Vibration is a common enemy amongst woodworkers. The vibrations make it harder for users to perform their tasks completely. Luckily, the Jet Bench Grinder runs quietly and reduces its vibrations while it’s in use. The Jet 6 Bench Grinder is perfect if you want the best slow speed bench grinder.

This bench grinder stands apart from the competition because of its power and durability. Cheaper brands tend to break after four months of usage and begin to lose their quality. However, the Jet Bench Grinder has enough power to grind through harder metals, and it lasts for up to 5 years.

Consumers found fault with the device’s construction. For instance, some users noticed that their wheels would fall off after its first usage. Check your bench grinder and call for repairs if this issue occurs.

You want a bench grinder that helps you complete your projects, cut metals, and utilizes your materials efficiently. With the Jet Bench Grinder, users have the ability to cut through tough materials without causing injury to the user.

5. Alternative: Sunex Bench Grinder

Technical Specification

  • Rubber feet and mounting holes
  • Durable cast iron base
  • Additional Work light included
  • Adjustable eye shield
  • Protective spark guard
Best Bench Grinder

If you look through the best bench grinder reviews online, the Sunex Bench Grinder is right up there. The company manufactured some high-end bench grinders, and this product is no different. It’s reliable, versatile, and doesn’t take that long getting used to.

Having a sturdy base makes the project go by a lot easier. The Sunex has a nonslip base that allows it to stay in position while in use. This makes it easier for users to grind their metals without causing any harm or injuries to themselves.

The 8-inch grinding wheels is another feature that we like about the bench grinder. The grinding wheels give you ample amount of space to work on your projects without any issues. Get this grinder if you want something wide enough to cut through hard materials.

This product features 3450 RPMs of power. This means that it’s fast enough to work on almost any source of material without failure. You should get this grinder if you want something that’s fast enough to grind your materials, the Sunex Bench Grinder is an excellent choice for you.

Plus, the accessories enhance the utility of this device. When buying this grinder, you’ll also notice its flexible work light and multiple tool rest. These extra features help the user move the device without causing issues with the machine. Buy this if you want something that’s useful for the long term.

Compact bench grinders make it easier to move around the shop. The Sunex Bench Grinder weighs in at a low 30 pounds, which is lighter than competing products. You’ll like this grinder because it’s easier to move and is safe to use.

Woodworkers disliked the tool rests lack of durability. Some users reported the tool rests falling out of the device after a few months of usage. Get another bench grinder if this functional error continues to occur.

For novice and advanced metal workers alike, the Sunex Bench Grinder is the best bench grinder for the money. The grinder is quick and has enough horsepower to last for extended projects. If you want a useful grinder to handle your daily tasks, then the Sunex Bench Grinder is your best bet.

How To Use A Bench Grinder

Bench grinders are easy to use. Here are a few questions you must ask when adding a new bench grinder to your workspace:

  • What’s your main goal?
  • Are you using the machine to polish, grind away, or sharpen a piece of metal?
  • What type of metal are you planning to use?
  • What’s the underlying purpose of the metal piece? Is it a tool or part of a project?
  • How long do you think it will take to finish the project?

These questions help you gauge what you need for your next project. Grit variations measure how fine the stone connects with the metal pieces. Avoid using one stone for multiple pieces of metal when using your bench grinder. Using the same stone for different metal pieces increases the chance of the machine becoming damaged.

Your stone grit must match the speed of its grinder rotation. If the speed is too slow, it might cause the stone or the metal to fragment. This results in the pieces falling or spreading apart. On some occasions, it causes explosions, harm to the user, and destroy your machine.

Understanding the duration of your activity is important. Your work bench is supposed to be used while sitting or standing. If you’re standing or sitting for more than 2 hours, the machine needs to be designed in a way that’s fluid to your posture. Sudden movements such as jitteriness and fatigue increase the chance of damaging the piece of metal or stone.

In comparison to a power grinder, bench grinders give users more control on the buffing and polishing. Power grinders need a consistent amount of weight and force when applied on a certain surface. Power grinders can fall off and slide off the machine if you’re not careful. Due to its sedentary setup, it’s hard for you to lose control over your bench grinder machine.

The Verdict

A common question that our readers ask is “Who makes the best bench grinder?”

We believe that the Dewalt Grinder is the winner. The grinder has enough length and width to handle every project with efficiency. Also, the device has enough durability to last longer than competing products. Ultimately, buy this grinder if you want the best cuts for your metals and enhance the results of your projects.

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