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What is Mango Wood? 3 Things That Make It Special

When choosing wood furniture or working on woodworking projects, you will want to make sure that you get the quality materials to last for a long time while having your furniture look amazing. While there are many types of wood to choose from, I came across the mango wood, which has become a popular variety that many people prefer when looking for wood furniture. But what exactly is the mango wood in the first place? And also, what makes it better than the other varieties of wood?

Read on as I show you all about mango wood and the three things that make it special.

What Is Mango Wood?

Mango Wood

You’re probably wondering about what mango wood is and where the name came from.

Mango wood is one of the most popular kinds of wood found in the United Kingdom and seen as a more environment-friendly alternative as compared to other types of wood

The wood comes from the mango tree, which belongs to the genus Mangifera. While the wood is very popular, it’s usually cultivated and planted for its fruits, a native to countries in Asia, particularly in India.

Before it started being used for furniture and woodwork, it was either used for fuel or left to rot. Fortunately, it has now been made popular in construction, particularly in the furniture industry.

The wood is strong and dense. It has grains that can either be straight or curly. The wood’s core is streaked with a golden brown shade, though it can also be a bit yellow with black streaks. Another interesting point is that mango wood is considered as hardwood, though it’s one of the softest ones. That makes it easier to cut and shape as compared to other types of hardwood.

The Three Things That Make Mango Wood Special

What makes mango wood unique and better than other types of woods? Here are the benefits and characteristics it has:

Sustainable and Environment-Friendly

Like what I mentioned, this wood is very eco-friendly, as it is better than letting the tree trunk rot after it has been utilized for harvesting the fruit. Because of industries becoming more environment-friendly, they now opt for greener options by cutting down older mango trees to use for furniture, replacing the bare spot with new mango trees for bearing fruit. That way, no trees will be put to waste.

And because of its steady supply, it is cheaper than other types of wood and will continue to strive in many environments.

Can Easily Be Carved

The reason why many people opt to use mango wood for their woodworking projects or that many companies now use this wood for their furniture is that it’s effortless to carve and shape. Designers find it easier to use this way.

But just excuse it’s soft and easy to carve doesn’t make it less strong than others. It’s solid and lightweight, making it easy to move around or use when creating or placing large pieces of furniture.

Another nice perk about its material is that it has a high water resistance, so it isn’t only ideal for the indoors, but outdoors as well.

Easy to Maintain

Another perk of owning furniture made out of mango wood is that it’s effortless to maintain. You won’t need to put too much attention to keep it looking great and for it to last for a long time. All you need to do is have it regularly cleaned and follow other tips on how to take care of mango wood, which is effortless to follow. I’ll be explaining more of that in the next sections.

It won’t give you any hassle and will lessen the worry and workload when cleaning your furniture.

Bonus Benefit: It Looks Beautiful to Look At!

There’s no denying that all types of wood furniture look beautiful as long as it is well-made. It compliments almost all paint colors and will look great in many homes! And since mango wood is easy to carve and smoothen out, the furniture created by this type of wood will look elegant and give a rustic charm to any home. It has the beautiful shades that range from golden brown to yellowish (compared to the dark shades of heartwood and sapwood , it’s brighter!), so it will look good in any home. Mango wood can also be comparable to bamboo wood when it comes to flooring, so you’ll have that beautiful look!

So for those who want something environment-friendly, lightweight but strong, and to accent all types of colors in your home (whether outdoors or indoors!), then the mango wood is the right one for you. Oh, and it’s one of the more affordable of all types of hardwood, a perfect material to start off for beginner woodworkers.​

What to Watch Out For In Mango Wood

But just like other types of wood, the mango wood would also have its setbacks, such as:

  • Mango wood is very prone to fungal attacks, though reliable manufacturers would treat the wood to ensure long-lasting furniture. It would require more coats of polishing to toughen it up more.
  • They are not as durable as other types of hardwoods (like Parawood ), so it won’t last as long. Though they are long-lasting, it is not as efficient as stronger ones.
  • Because it’s effortless to carve and shape, beginner woodworkers may make a mistake or two because of accidentally cutting into the wood on a wood cutting board that can slice through without as much effort as other types of hardwood.

How to Maintain Mango Wood Furniture

So now that you’re familiar with all the things you need to know about mango wood, how can you continue to maintain it and have it last for a long time? Here are some tips to follow:

  • Remember that when using mango wood (or any other type of wood) for woodworking, you should wear the proper protection, such as work boots . Also, use quality equipment to ensure no accidents or mistakes when handling the wood.
  • Wipe your mango wood furniture daily using a slightly moistened soft cloth.
  • Avoid putting water or spilling liquids over the wood, as it will have it smell or stain. Also, do NOT expose it to any form of alcohol, perfumes, or any products high in chemicals. If it does spill, wipe it immediately using dry cloths.
  • When polishing your furniture, use liquid or aerosol polish.
  • Avoid placing the mango wood furniture next to hot places such as fireplaces or radiators.
  • Use placemats or coasters to avoid any messes or spills on the furniture, especially when handling very hot or cold items.
  • If you do see scratches or stains, use matching paint or varnish to conceal them.
  • As long as you choose the quality mango wood from reliable manufacturers, then you won’t have any trouble with using it, whether you are using it for woodwork or purchasing furniture.

In Conclusion

If you are wondering about why kind of wood you should get for your next project or when choosing wood furniture, then you should opt to choose mango wood. An inexpensive yet sturdy and attractive choice, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits it has to offer while saving on your time and budget. While it isn’t one of the strongest wood in the world, it has many advantages.

I hope that his article on mango wood and what makes it unique helped you become more knowledgeable about what to get when designing your home or office with wow furniture or projects. So don’t wait any longer and start looking up for places that sell mango wood today.​

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