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Best Chainsaw Chaps in 2022 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Chainsaws are some of the most dangerous tools which you can use. They are heavy-duty equipment used to chop timber, shape wooden slabs, carve ice and even cut concrete. Mere contact of a running chainsaw with your leg can cut it into two or injure it badly. However, if you use the best chainsaw chaps, you will not face this problem.

Chainsaw Protective Gear

You need to wear protective gear to protect yourself from injuries. Below is a list of items which make up the safety gear worn by people operating a chainsaw?

What Are Chainsaw Chaps?

Although regular trousers can give protection against wood splinters, they are ineffective against a chainsaw. The best Chainsaw chaps are trousers that are made specifically for those who operate chainsaws. They protect your legs from being ripped off in the event of an accident.

They have several layers of protective material which is capable of slowing down the machine or bringing it to a halt. These items are a must-wear for a person working with such machines that have sharp, rotating blades. 

Top 6 Best Chainsaw Chaps Review

1. Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap

Best Chainsaw Chaps


  • Chaps by Husqvarna are UL certified
  • It meets all the requirements laid out by ANSI, OSHA, and ASTM
  • Made of 5 protective layers of Tek Warp and 1000 denier polyester
  • Has an adjustable waist up to 42 inches
  • Comes with various straps
  • Has a water-repellent finish 
  • Comes with pockets

The Husqvarna 587160704 Wrap Chap is made up of layers of different types of material that sufficiently protect your legs. Since it is composed of many different materials, it gives your legs maximum protection and that, too, at a much cheaper rate.

Apart from that, the 1000 denier polyester that goes into making the Husqvarna 587160704 is a special fabric, which has a back coating of polyurethane and a finish that is durable and water repellent.

However, Husqvarna 587160704 has its downsides too. The layers of protective material render it unsuitable for hot working conditions. Thus, this product is only suited for those who do not work in high temperatures or for those living in cold climates.

Key Features

This chap is made out of polyester with a coating of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and five protective layers of Tek Warp. When it comes into contact with a chainsaw, it slows down the action of the heavy-duty machine by clogging its system. The machine stops rotating, which gives enough time for you to pull away from it. 

These chaps come with an adjustable waist, making them easier to fit different body shapes. The waist can be adjusted to 42 inches, making it an ideal choice for an array of body sizes. Besides, the product comes with multiple straps that can be adjusted to keep the gear intact. These straps ensure that the chap remains in its place while being comfortable.

2. STIHL 0000 886 3202 Protective Apron Chain Saw Chaps

Best Chainsaw Chaps


  • Waist size goes from 30-42 inches
  • This chap has 6 to 9 layers of material which retards chainsaw blades
  • It has an apron style or open-back design
  • Meets the requirements set by ASTM and OSHA

The STIHL 0000 886 Protective Apron Chain Saw Chaps is well reputed for its quality. The material used is rugged in appearance but reliable and durable. It can last a long time without wearing out for at least four decades or so.

It must be noted that though these chaps by STIHL have several layers, they are lightweight and will not trouble you too much during your work.

Even though STIHL has a design typical for hot working conditions, they are still hotter than most open-back chaps. This is one flaw in the product. Being apron-style chaps, they should not make you feel warm, but they do.

Key Features

It is formed by 6 layers of protective material which is a cut retardant. This means that should a chainsaw accidentally come into contact with your leg, the chaps by STIHL will minimize its effect by slowing down its engine with the fragments of its protective material.

Although thick, these chaps will give you enough protection required while working with a chainsaw. Despite the fact that the STIHL Protective Apron Chain Saw Chaps are thicker than most other chaps in the market, they are still somewhat suitable for people working in hot climates. This heavyweight protective gear has a design with an open back, so people working in warm conditions will not have to worry too much about its layers. 

3. Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps

Best Chainsaw Chaps


  • They are UL certified and approved by OSHA and ASTM
  • They are lightweight and heavy-duty chaps
  • This product is water-resistant
  • These chainsaw chaps are oil-resistant
  • This item has pockets
  • These chaps are flexible

If you are looking for something stylish to keep yourself safe, the Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps are perfect for you. As they are lightweight, they are very convenient to use while working with a heavyweight chainsaw. Not only are they durable, but they are also comfortable, which is a rare thing to have in chainsaw chaps. As they are light and comfy, they are a favorite among many people who work with chainsaws, especially in hot climates.

A word of caution, though: Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps are not suited for electric chainsaws. They do not give as much protection against such chainsaws as the two other products we have looked at so far. Thus, if you work with electric chainsaws, look elsewhere.

Key Features

While you are out working in the woods or on a project site, you often do not have a place to put all your tools in. Luckily, Forester chainsaw chaps have huge pockets for storing items you might lose otherwise. However, these pockets are made for smaller items. 

Furthermore, while water creates an issue only rarely, oil can give your apron a very dirty and grimy look if it gets stuck on your gear. The Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps are both oil-and-water resistant, which means you will not have to worry about decrepit-looking protection wear or one that is wet. They will keep you dry and neat at all times.

4. Labonville Full-Wrap Chainsaw Safety Chaps

Best Chainsaw Chaps


  • These are full-wrap chaps
  • Meet the requirements set by OSHA
  • These chaps are flexible
  • They are made up of 5-ply Kevlar and polyester layers 
  • Come in 4 different sizes

Labonville has made a mark in creating durable products such as chaps and helmets. It offers a range of options for protective gear and being in the market for several years, it has a great reputation for producing some of the best chainsaw chaps.

Its Full-Wrap Chainsaw Safety Chaps provide full calf protection. It comes with useful accessories such as a tool pouch, leg and waist buttons, and even a utility pouch.

However, these chaps do not have any pockets which can make you uncomfortable as you have to carry a pouch for your essential tools. Pockets come in handy for those who are working on construction sites or anywhere outside their usual workplace. Without them, it becomes quite a task to keep all your tools in one place without losing them.

Key Features

Chaps by this company are made up of 5-ply Kevlar layers which are combined with polyester layers. Both polyester and Kevlar diminish the action of the chainsaw should the unexpected happen. In such a case, the fibers of the layers get stuck in the chainsaw, stopping its engine right then and there.

Kevlar is a strong synthetic fiber with high tensile strength. Such properties make it a suitable material for making chainsaw chaps as well as bulletproof vests. Labonville chaps have several layers of Kevlar, making them more effective at disrupting the activity of a chainsaw.

These chainsaw safety chaps also offer an adjustable size. Their length varies from 38 to 40 inches, which is a good amount of length. Waist can be adjusted according to size.

They give full coverage across the length of your legs. They even wrap around the lower leg. These features give you the perfect fit, making the chaps more convenient for you to wear.

5. WoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps

Best Chainsaw Chaps


  • These chaps are lightweight and durable
  • They are cheaper than chaps by other leading brands
  • Come in 4 different sizes
  • Made up of layers of Kevlar

What makes these chaps stand out among the competition is that WoodlandPro gives you high-end quality within an affordable price range. Quality matters. There is no second opinion on that, but a product needs to be affordable for those who work with dangerous weapons like chainsaws. WoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps offers quality accessible to workers with different financial conditions.

It needs to be made clear that WoodlandPro chainsaw chaps are very thin and not made for electric chainsaws. This makes it less popular among buyers who work with all sorts of chainsaws.

Key Features

Like the Labonville chaps, the WoodlandPro Chainsaw Chaps also have Kevlar layers. Kevlar can withstand chainsaw blades as they are renowned for their tensile strength.

However, as mentioned before, manufacturers warn that WoodlandPro is not made for electric chainsaws. They are effective only against chainsaws powered by gas. These chaps stop the action of a chainsaw by clogging the mechanism which rotates the chainsaw.

WoodlandPro Chaps come in four different sizes along with straps. You can adjust them to make your chaps fit you well, as no one likes to work with a gear that is too tight to suffocate them or to lose as to make them trip over it. Find the size which will fit well on you, and never go for a size that is either larger or smaller than your body frame. After all, you need to be as relaxed and comfortable when you are working with a chainsaw so that your entire focus is on working with it.

6. Sawbuck Four-Ply Para-Aramid Chainsaw Chaps

Best Chainsaw Chaps


  • The chap is a water-resistant product
  • It is also resistant to oil and mildew
  • It is made out of a breathable fabric
  • These chaps are made up of 4 layers of Para-Aramid
  • Come in waist sizes 32 to 40 inches
  • Have a layer of ply-shield
  • Have an outer layer of nylon 

The Sawbuck Chaps are really light and breathable. Being lightweight, they do not slow you down while you work and keep you fresh all day long because of the type of fabric used in their making. This chap is resistant to oil, water, and mildew. It is truly a breath of fresh air.

However, this chap is very expensive. Furthermore, it only gives protection for 36 inches of length, so if you are tall and need a length greater than 36 inches, it will leave your ankles and shoes exposed to damage by your work tool. An ideal protective gear must protect fully rather than partially.

Key Features

These chaps are made up of four layers of Para-Aramid which, like Kevlar, is a strong synthetic fiber resilient to the blades of chainsaws. Para-Aramid is used to make body armor as well.

The Sawbuck chaps work to retard the action of the chainsaw by clogging up its mechanism or completely dismantling it. Four Para-Aramid layers make up a single piece of Sawbuck chap, providing extra protection against the sharp, cutting blades of a chainsaw.

It comes in various sizes, ranging from waist size 32 to 40 inches. It has a length of 36 inches, which can provide adequate coverage to your legs. In addition to that, these chainsaw chaps are completely adjustable, so it can be made to fit you perfectly.

The Sawbuck chainsaw chaps are reliable as well as durable. They will last you for a very long time.

How to Choose Your Chaps

Chainsaw chaps are crucial to keep your legs and hips safe while you are working, as it only takes a small mistake to lose your leg or get a serious injury. It is advised to choose your protective gear with full responsibility and for that, I have listed some features which you must look for while you are buying a pair of chaps:

Type of Material and Number of Layers

Try to answer a simple question: what is the material used to make the layers of the chainsaw chaps? Choose one that is made of a strong synthetic fiber like Kevlar, Para-Aramid or any other which has high tensile strength. The type of material the chaps are made of and the number of layers is important factors to consider when making a purchase decision. 

Style of Chaps

Different companies offer different styles of chainsaw chaps. Wrap and apron are two basic styles. The apron-styled chaps usually cover the shins and thighs but not the calves. They keep you cool in hot working conditions. On the other hand, wrap-style chaps cover the thighs, shins, and calves and give you more protection.


Choose chaps that fit you nicely without getting in your way when you are working. Measure your waist and length and see if the product caters to your needs. Also, look for straps and belts as they can come in handy when you want to adjust your chaps to your size.

Safety Regulations

Make sure the product that you use meets the requirements of OSHA 970 regulations and is UL certified. It is important for these products to be certified because that means they have been tried and tested for the claims they make. 

Type of Chainsaw

Buy gear according to the type of chainsaw you work with. You might have noticed that products from certain brands cannot be used for chainsaws that run on electricity but are fine for the gas-powered ones. 

Bottom Line

Wiser choices account for a more fulfilling tomorrow. Your life is important, so do not bargain it by not following protective measures while operating powerful machines such as chainsaws. With the help of the buying guide above, you can figure out your needs and choose the best chainsaw chaps for yourself from the ones I have listed.

In our opinion, the Labonville Full-Wrap Chainsaw Safety Chaps are a winner because of the number of layers they offer and the quality of material used. They are one of the best products that offer good value for money. However, you can choose any other product as well that provides maximum protection. Just make sure you do not compromise your safety.

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