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Oregon cs1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw

The OREGON CS1500 is relatively less popular but there is no reason for it to be so. It can be so because the chainsaw might not have been publicized as much as other electric chainsaws or the customers are not that familiar with the brand.

While the exact reason is yet unknown, the truth is that the Oregon CS1500 chainsaw is engineered to last and perform accurately as well as silently. It is the only electric model in the market with a chain that is capable of sharpening itself. This is exactly what makes it stand apart from the rest of the electric chainsaws.

Oregon cs1500 Chainsaw Review

Oregon cs1500

The distinct model has all the standard conveniences of a corded saw, such as trigger pull for instant start, low noise, least maintenance, and silent between cuts. However, the designers have gone ahead and incorporated the PowerSharp® sharpening system so that you no longer have to work with a dull chain. All you have to do is pull a red PowerSharp® lever. Well, that’s highly commendable!

The CS1500 saw is not only light in weight but is also easy to maintain. It also does not call for any significant efforts in setting it up for cutting, limbing, or pruning. Moreover, you need not use any kind of tool for adjusting the chain or cleaning it after usage.

For making the saw ready for use, you only need to follow the directions for filling the automatic oiler, reinstalling the chain and bar, and checking the chain brake switch for proper orientation to ensure safety at work.

Here are some great features of this Oregon chainsaw for you to relish!

Powerful Electric Motor

At 15 amps, the chainsaw features a really powerful motor. With this much power, you can easily cut through wood whose diameter is as big as 16 inches. Moreover, with some patience to operate slowly, you can even cut more. The motor is efficient enough to run the saw quietly in between cuts through small trees, logs, Junipers, as well as branches.

Without hitting the ground using the blade, this saw can make the cut for hours without any call for re-sharpening. By no means is this saw dull even if you cut incessantly for a few hours. In short, the 120v 15-amp power is a great respite to anyone who had a hard time with yanking a pull cord present on a gas saw. On top of all, you enjoy the instant start of the motor by simply pulling the trigger.

Performance-wise, the motor is actually versatile. On logs, it is certainly better than a gas chainsaw with some negligible time difference. For hedge trimming, the motor power is actually ideal. Even the 18-inch guide-bar adds to the speed of shredding a hedge. In the case of branches, anything within 10 inches can be cut more efficiently than a gas chainsaw on any day.

Self-Sharpening System

This is the most unique feature of this electric chainsaw. Its built-in sharpener ensures that you do not worry about chain sharpening ever again. Well, the best part is that this system is very easy to operate and fast to give the desired result. You only have to pull the sharpening lever for two to three seconds within which that dull chain gets sharpened properly. After all, using a sharp chain is essential for obtaining the most out of the chainsaw, particularly when the power is limited. The PowerSharp chain sharpener has an integrated stone that is capable of sharpening the chain.

Low Level of Noise and No Leaks

If having a built-in sharpener sounds quite interesting to you, how would you take up a deal wherein there is no need to take care of mixing gas and oil? Well, this also is interesting, right? This is exactly another handy feature of the high-power CS1500 saw. There is no problem of any kind of mixing or leaking.

The motor not only eliminates high maintenance feasibly but also facilitates a low noise operation. So, what’s the biggest benefit of this? Well, you will not have neighbors coming and shouting at or fighting with you. Wow! No roaring from either side – motor and neighbors.

Maintenance and Safety Features

Nestled on the saw’s side, a tool-less chain tensioner ensures convenient and rapid chain adjustments. For your convenience, you are ensured of reduced kickback through a well-designed guide-bar. For this assurance, the bar depends upon the plastic safety teeth along with a thinner tip. This is also integrated with rear and front handguards as well as an integrated chain break to ensure extra safety.

For both safety and convenience, the handle also plays a significant role. Its over-mold design makes you feel gripe and comfy even if you work with this saw for longer hours. Similarly, there is a transparent view window for monitoring the level of oil in the automatic oiler. This might not be a safety feature but is surely a convenience-guaranteeing one.


• Light in weight
• Ergonomic design
• Easy setup
• Instant start
• Comfortable grip and balance
• Quiet between cuts, low noise
• Health, properly sized chips
• Clean and direct cuts
• Reduced kickback
• No emissions
• Minimal maintenance
• Visible oil window
• No over-tightening
• Durable
• Extra safe


• Dragging of cord
• Frequent falling of the chain, although not while cutting
• Plastic casing although a few components are of metal
• Need of more oil


The Oregon CS1500 chainsaw has almost everything that a householder or professional may seek for. It is versatile enough to do anything, including bucking, pruning, limbing, and making the trees to fall. Regardless of whether you are a hardworking householder, professional, or a commercial landscaper looking for the best from an electric chainsaw, the Oregon model is engineered for all roles, with the desired power for getting the job done.

It may be true that this model is not as popular as WORX WG303.1 but is surely a great performer for homeowners. There are some cons, but they do not overcome the pros. The customer simply cannot overlook the convenience of a built-in sharpener as well as affordability.

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