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Best Benchtop Jointer 2023: Review & Buying Guides

Are you need a best benchtop jointer? There are various type of benchtop jointers in the market for you to choose from. From brand variety to model, price range, and size, you can easily get confused when choosing the ideal jointer for your woodworking needs.

This article luckily contains reviews of a few of the best jointers available this 2022. Also, you will find a comprehensive guide on what to consider when choosing a best jointer for your needs as well as a few other significant information on benchtop jointers especially if you are a first-time buyer or user. So please read on.

What Is Best Benchtop Jointer?

A jointer is a woodworking tool that is used majorly to flatten surfaces across a board of wood. It can also be used to straighten out bent or distorted pieces of lumber and its edges.

As expected, there is a variety of brands that produce jointers in the market today. Some of the leading brands include Dewalt, Grizzly, Cutech, Powertec, and Porters-cable. Despite all these varieties, each brand is unique in the features and specifications it produces regarding jointers. It is, therefore, imperative for all users to be considerate of important factors before setting out to buy an ideal jointer for their needs.

Importantly, the term jointer is comparative; this is to mean that jointers are produced in different categories namely;

Best Benchtop jointer

This is our primary focus today, and in definition, a benchtop jointer is a smaller jointer used by woodworkers to flatten and level out timber for small-scale uses.

Long bed jointer

The long bed jointer is slightly larger than the benchtop and serves the same purpose. However, this particular type of jointer is mostly preferred for use in small shops and garages.

Closed stand jointer

This is the largest of them all, and it provides better stability and work area. Jointers in this category feature a higher motor power, cutting depth, and table space. They are also relatively expensive than the other two which is why the closed stand jointers are mostly used for larger commercial projects.

Things to Consider When Choosing The Best Benchtop Jointer

For your small woodworking needs, you need to be specific and precise when choosing a best benchtop jointer. Apart from functionality factors, there are other things that you have to keep in mind when selecting an ideal wood flattening machine for your home improvement projects. Here is what you need to consider;

Popular or unpopular brand?

In the power tool market, you will apparently find a variety of brands for power tools. These brands range from the most popular brands to the least popular. One brand, however, popular may not appeal the same to you as it appeals to the next person. It is for this reason therefore that you need to identify a jointer brand that not only has the features you need but also fits your budget and specifications.

Additionally, you should know that well-known brands have readily available spare parts and accessories. You are also able to get a good warranty with a top known brand easily compared to the upcoming brands.

Remember, that popularity does not necessarily guarantee quality. Each brand varies in features and overall functionally.


You should always choose a benchtop that allows you to work comfortably regardless of the angle you position your wood and also irrespective of the design of the fence. A good fence should enable you to adjust angles and positions to be able to work smoothly and comfortably.

In short, look out for a jointer with an easily and quickly adjustable fence.


When we talk of power, we refer to the motor power or rather the horsepower. Remember that the motor is the core of the machine. It is what makes the machine to run smoothly. For this reason, any time you set out to choose a benchtop jointer, pay attention to the cutting power. The stronger the power, the better your projects will come out.


If you want a jointer for the money, consider looking through various deals on the market in comparison to features and specifications. This will help you to find what works best for you regarding affordability and efficiency.

You can easily find great benchtop jointers below $1000. There are also good quality benchtop jointers under the $500 price mark. You just need to do your research and ensure that what you choose will serve you as you need.

However, do not let the price of the product solely determine its quality, value, and efficiency.

Other factors to consider include; The bed length, cutting depth, and the dust collection ability.

Top 5 Best Benchtop Jointers for the money

Our round-up below consists of some of the best-rated jointers in the market. We picked the items based on their notable features and customer preferences.

1. Cutech 40160H-CT 6″ Benchtop Jointer

Best Benchtop Jointer

This Cutech 40160H-CT jointer is an ideal jointer machine best suited for novices and DIY enthusiasts who are getting started with using power tools and those looking for an affordable yet efficient wood flattening tool for their various woodworking projects.

Benefits and features of the product

This product by Cutech is affordable and easy to use. You can purchase this particular benchtop jointer for under $400 without much struggle. This is the average price of this product in most online and local stores. Additionally, setting it up and ultimately using it to flatten timber is very easy regardless of your ability and skills as a woodworker.

Powerful motor

The cutting power of the jointer mentioned earlier is superb. At 10amp HP, this jointer can withstand bulk work as well as produce high quality, consistent, smooth, and desirable results.

Excellent built quality

A good benchtop jointer should be sturdy and durable built. This goes without saying that the Cutech 40160H-CT is a well-built machine with a powerful high-speed motor, excellent cutting depth, sturdy cutting bed, and a well-designed fence.

First-rate cutting efficiency

The Helical Cutter Head with 12 HSS Inserts is a big plus for this power tool. Users can easily adjust and replace knives. Unlike other arrangements where when one knife chips you have to replace the whole bunch, with the helical cutter head, all you have to do is replace what has chipped and proceed with your work.

The process is not just easy but quick and efficient. What is more is that with this type of knife arrangement you won’t experience any irritating machine noise when working through pieces of wood. The cutting process is entirely noise-free.

Allows you precision control

When using this machine, you can be assured of precision control with the 90 to 135-degree fence tilt. The fence not only provides the needed control when working, but it is also well built and is easily adjustable.

Drawbacks of the product

  • The helical cutter head tends to provide some resistance when pushing, therefore, takes quite some energy to complete tasks.

If you truly are in need of a starters benchtop jointer that will offer you efficiency and affordability in one package, then you should buy this Cutech 40160H-CT.

2. POWERTEC BJ600 – Cheap Bench Jointer

Best Benchtop Jointer

This POWERTEC BJ600 is yet another irresistible benchtop jointer for those looking to purchase a budget-friendly tool. Who said that affordable is cheap? Affordable may and may not be cheap. It all depends on the buyer, but the bottom line is that an affordable product is one that provides you with satisfactory performance at a reasonable price. That is exactly what this particular benchtop jointer offers you. Let’s look at some of its features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Benefits and features of the product

Exceptional cutting efficacy

For a jointer in its price range, I must say that this product is way too efficient regarding cutting power and efficiency. It is not just about getting smooth and precise operations but also the adjustable fence that provides you with unlimited control and reliability when using the tool.

Reliable dust collection system

Like in the first product, the dust collection system built-in in this jointer is one of its strongest features as a woodworking tool. Today users want cutting tools that will not give them headaches with where to direct dust or rather deal with problems of dust accumulating everywhere. With tools such as this Powertec BJ600, you can settle down easily and work through your projects without getting worried about a dusty and messed up the workplace.

Safety guaranteed

Being a power tool, safety is a matter of utmost importance. In this regard, the manufacturer of this particular pointer factored in the safety aspect by including a safety power switch for users. This switch helps protect you from injury caused by unintended operations.

Drawbacks of the product

  • Customers complain that the setup instructions are not clear and that the tool lacks a clear user manual on various operations
  • The quality of this product is not guaranteed according to some customers

Based on the pros and cons of the products, I would advise that you seek out other better options if the quality is a top priority for you. Otherwise, this can still work great for a start before you advance your skills.

3. Delta Power Tools 37-071 6 Inch Budget Bench Jointer

Delta Power Tools 37-071 6 Inch

Delta has become one of the most celebrated power tools brand today. And it is not just that, the brand is known for producing tools that are both budget-friendly as well as efficient. It is because of being budget-friendly and of good quality that the Delta Power37-071 model made it to our top 5 list of best jointers in the market.

Benefits and features of the product

High quality and durable

Made with high quality cast iron for the entire construction including the fence, this benchtop jointer is evidently sturdy and highly durable. Additionally, cast iron is known to be heavy which only increases its stability while reducing vibrations when working.

Unmatched accuracy

The heavy-duty cast fence provides you with incomparable accuracy when working on the machine. What’s is more is that the robustness helps to reduce vibration when joining wood.

Easy to use

This jointer is easy to set up and use. The adjustability features are easy to work with and enable you to get around the jointer easily and quickly. Drawbacks of the product

Drawbacks of the product

  • Due to its heavy-duty construction, the fence seems to be proving a challenge to move after adjusting for many customers

If you work on minimal projects and are picky about woodworking tools, then don’t think twice about getting this Delta MIDI benchtop jointer. Despite being on the lower price range, it is compact and does the job as expected. The 6-inch cutting capacity and the heavy build quality is something you don’t get every day in on-budget tools.

4. Grizzly G0725 6 by 28-Inch Benchtop Jointer

Grizzly G0725 6 by 28-Inch

This is by far the cheapest benchtop jointer in our top jointers for the money list. And it’s not just the affordable aspect that makes this jointer top rated despite being that cheap, Grizzly G0725 6 is also the fact that it is a product of a very popular and reputable woodworking tools brand, Grizzly.

Benefits and features of the product

High cutting power

For a 6-inch benchtop jointer, 1.5 amp horsepower is quite powerful to get the job done smoothly and accurately. In addition to the horsepower, this jointer runs at a maximum speed of 10,000 RPM and is 110 volts, single-phase making it an ideal bench tool jointer for home improvement projects.

Heavy-duty construction

This Grizzly jointer features a heavy-duty construction characterized by a cast iron table and center-mounted fence that are all meant for robustness and durability. What is more is that with cast iron, you can be assured that the machine is sturdy and stable which are all indications of a good quality benchtop jointer.


Both the fence and the knives are easily and quickly adjustable according to size and material being worked on.

Drawbacks of the product

  • Most customers complain about the fence and the fence adjustments being problematic

Overall, this Grizzly G0725 is an excellent benchtop jointer for home use based on its performance and affordability.

5. PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Benchtop Jointer

best benchtop jointer

Our number three on the list of top 5 best benchtop jointers is this PORTER-CABLE PC160JT. This jointer is best known for being excellent in performance compared to other products in its category. The jointer has some fully packed features that certainly make its use and performance top-notch.

Benefits and features of the product

Top-rated performance

Performance as mentioned earlier is one of the strongest points of this benchtop jointer. With this jointer, you can be assured of consistent and smooth operations thanks to the stupendous fence and dual cutting head featured in the product.

Easy replacement and adjustment

The end result of using this jointer is quite efficient and reliable; this is especially because of the ease of adjustability and replacement of certain features on the jointer. For example, you can choose the right speed to work with from the variable speed range in the jointer.

Also, the two-knife cutter head with jackscrew knife leveling arrangement allows you to easily replace and adjust knives with the cutter head facilitating the adjustment and replacement processes.

Great quality

This PORTERS-CABLE jointer is well built and sturdy both on the outside and inside. Considering its price, it is quite satisfying having a benchtop jointer with its built quality and level of performance.

Drawbacks of the product

  • The table top is not durable due to the low-quality aluminum material used

For a craftsman’s looking to get used to using a benchtop jointer, this porter cable is a good buy for the price. You will not only experience superior performance, but a whole lot of uses that other jointers in its price range will not be able to offer.

The Overall Best  In The Round Up

All the 5 items listed in the round up above are the best in the market both in features and specifications. However, our best pick on the above is the PORTER-CABLE PC160JT jointer. This jointer has an excellent record on performance based on its motor power and fence ability. It is also very affordable making it the best option for users who need an affordable yet high-performance benchtop jointer for their home use.

In Summary

With the factors to consider and the top 5 reviews given above, you are now more than equipped with essential skills on how to choose and buy the best benchtop jointer for your needs. If you find this article useful, then feel free to read other reviews on this site for more insight on some of the best woodworking tools you need.

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