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Essential Woodworking Skills for Everybody Should Know

Have you ever been put in a do-or-die situation? To survive during crisis situations, you need these basic woodworking skills!

Introduction woodworking skills

You may not be a professional when it comes to woodworking and carpentry. However, when all else fails, you should be glad if you have already learned the essential woodworking skills. In a crisis, you will fully understand the significance of woodworking skills. In fact, you can apply them no more how mild or severe the situation may become.

For instance, a typhoon strikes in your town. When you are in a situation wherein you need to fix things or have to build a shelter, then you can apply your basic woodworking skills. Now, let us also say that the typhoon caused massive flooding and rescue organizations cannot reach you and your family. That problem becomes huge, especially if the water gets in your house. Thus, you need to know basic structural and molding skills which you can learn from woodworking.

The fact here is that woodworking and carpentry skills can come conveniently during emergency situations. You can build a garden box for your vegetables just in case your food supply is depleting. It will save you and your family’s life when things would go down the wire. Making a garden box is a very handy skill to do. However, it can also connect with woodworking. There are a lot of simple projects in lined with woodworking and carpentry when you need them during challenging situations. You can build a survival shelter, a tree house, and even food storages when you know these essential woodworking skills.

Woodworking and Survival

You see, the amount of carpentry and woodworking can be very evident when in times of trouble. You can even build a survival raft or a tree house to keep you away from the flood if you want to. So, what does it take to learn woodworking?

Woodworking can also mean carpentry. It is a survival tool that you will need to acquire the ability to construct weatherproof shelters. You can also build food storages, ponchos, etc. It can even go a long way into an occurring crisis wherein you need to create small aqueducts. They are vital for piping water for drinking, bathing, and planting crops. But, how will you learn these basic carpentry skills? You need not worry! You can easily learn these skills as you practice more before any human-made or natural calamities. Here are some of the skills you need to know and practice:

1 Constructing a Shelter


Most of the time, people depend on commercial shelters like tents to survive, especially during hard times. However, what they need to realize is that building a haven for you and your family is one of the most vital woodworking skills you have to practice. In fact, you can survive up to three weeks without any food, but you can only last for three hours without shelter.

Thus, having a background and knowledge with woodworking will make sure that you can build a haven when you need one. A natural shade you can create out of branches, nails, and wood is a lean-to shelter. It is a type of shelter that you can build up against a sturdy structure or even a tree. What you need to do first is to suspend the primary support structure. It will make the bits of wood lean up against it. The skill you will need for this lean-to shelter is hammering some nails and sawing wood.

2 . Making a Food Storage

You will also need the help of your essential woodworking skills when you have to store a large sum of food. Why? It is because you need to build your food storage to keep your food away from marauders and animals. You can make these food containers from sawing wood. Then, putting them together with the use of nails and some pieces of hardware.

3. Creating a Military Poncho

Ponchos are also great when you face crisis situations wherein you badly need shelter. It has an outer garment that one usually uses as a gear for the rainy days. It is true especially if you do not want to get your camping gear and boots soaked in water. However, you can also use them to make a straightforward and quick survival shelter. What you need to do is to obtain some stakes, branches, and a paracord. These materials will build you a poncho or even a lean-to shelter.

4. Making a Survival Tarp

Aside from the survival shelters mentioned above, you can also create a survival tarp as you would do with a lean-to shelter or a poncho. You can build an A-frame, but you need to make sure that you know how to tie knots. It may be a hard task to do. However, it only takes some practice. They may not protect you from insects, cold temperatures, or high winds. However, tarps are easy to pack and assemble, plus they are lightweight.

5. Building a Lean-To-Shelter with the Use of Branches


Do you want to sleep in a hammock while there are high winds and heavy rains? Of course not, right? So, making a lean-to shelter is an excellent way to improvise your shelter when it comes to emergency situations. What you need to do is to gather a fallen tree or some branches to lean into the primary structure. After doing so, what you have to do is to put the twigs of various sizes and branches to the main structure. To make the shelter more stable, you can use some dry leaves and moss. Lastly, you are going to make an opening or entrance for the heat to go inside the shelter.

A tip to make a lean-to shelter more comfortable is not to place the access directly to the dominant area. When you follow this direction, the wind cannot destroy your structure. Another tip to consider is to use a duct tape or a paracord and attach it to your small branches. You just need to do this just in case you cannot find some logs that will make the structure stable.

6.  Creating a Survival Tree House


So, when you got the basic woodworking skills, you will certainly build your survival tree house. What you need to do is to gather some logs, branches, or fallen trees. Then, have an electric chainsaw and cut the tree into smaller parts. You will also need some nails, hammer, and other hardware materials to construct your tree house. That way, you can prepare for the worst circumstance when you need to build a cabin or a shelter to keep you safe and warm.


What if a disaster or a calamity hits your town? What if you find yourself in a flooded area or you are out of groceries and other essential stuff? What will you do?

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