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How to Drilling a Hole in Tile

Drilling a hole in a tile can be a challenging task, but with the right tools and technique, it can be done successfully. You must have experienced the difficulty in drilling a hole in tiles at your homes especially in bathrooms, kitchens. It is bit difficult thing to do if you are attempting to do it for the first time.

You might feel tempted to call your nearest plumber to do this work. But you don’t need to call anyone and give away your money if you know how to do it correctly.

Like all our articles, we are providing you with the method that will make your drilling process extremely easy.

Things you need to know for How to Drilling a Hole in Tile

  • A drilling machine with high endurance carbide tip masonry bit (For a ceramic tile)
  • An electric tape
  • Hammer and a Nail
  • A Pen

What makes Drilling so difficult without the proper know how?

  • Slipping off of the drill lead due to less friction between itself and the tile.
  • Using wrong drill bit.
  • Applying too much or too little pressure through the drilling machine on the tile.

Note: – This DIY step by step guide is only for ceramic tile. For other tiles, like for e.g. Porcelain tile, you need a special drill bit.

Step by step pictorial guide on making a perfect hole in the tile

Step 1:

Locate the area on your wall of the tile where you want to create a hole.

Step 2:

Mark the point with a pen where you want to drill in.

Step 3:

Put on two short layers of electric tape perpendicular to each other as shown in the below image. The point where the hole needs to be drilled should lie on the intersecting points of the two layers of electric tape.

The tapes allow your drill to not slip during the penetration.

Step 4:

Hold a nail and strike very lightly onto the drilling point with the help of a hammer. The aim is to erode the topmost layer of the point on the tile so that drilling becomes easier.

Final Step For How to Drilling a Hole in Tile

Pick up your drill machine fitted with a proper drill bit and check its drilling settings. It should be set to normal or default setting.

Point it to the point where you want to drill. Keep a firm pressure with your hands and press the power trigger on your drill machine. Don’t apply too less or too much pressure.

Too much or too little pressure can cause deviation in the angle of operation hence causing a wider shaped hole or drilling of the area which is not desired.

Keep a firm pressure and the drill operation should go smoothly. Remove the tapes. Done.

As you can see from the above process, drilling a tile is easier than it seems. All you need is right equipment (drill bit) and electric tapes and proper method to make your work extremely easier.

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