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How to Mix Gas and Oil for Chainsaw

How to Mix Gas and Oil for chainsaw is not a difficult question after you finish reading this article.

The two-stroke cycle engine has no oil pan. The lubrication of internal organs is ensured by the presence of oil in the fuel.

What is the Mix Gas and Oil for Chainsaw?

The mixture is oil suspended in the fuel which is necessary to operate the engine.

The share of oil in gasoline is measured:

  • A percentage of the volume of fuel and varies on average around 2 to 4%.
  • In proportion “fuel: oil” and amounted to about 40: 1.

Good to know: the mixture is easily achievable for chainsaw itself or can be purchased directly in specialty stores ready for use.

Make the Mixture Yourself?

The manufacturer of the chainsaw has defined the percentage of oil in the fuel needed for the proper functioning of the motor and its longevity, it is imperative to respect the percentage recommended:

Never try to mix directly in the tank of the chainsaw but make it aside in a can.

The oil used to make the mixture is a special two-stroke engine oil:

Every chainsaw manufacturer recommends its brand, but generally, all are equal on condition verify that it is indeed a special oil marked “2 T” for two times.

Packaging is carried pods 100ml or 125 ml and cans of 1 to 5 L

A 100 ml pod is ready to use to pour in a can of 5 L of fuel if you need to use a graduated cylinder to determine the quantity of oil to put in the amount of fuel.

Retention time of the Mixture

The mixture for Chainsaw itself does not keep beyond one to three months depending on storage conditions. So do not make large quantities of the mixture and use as soon as you make mixture can.

Beyond three months, do not use a mixture of tin for a new campaign, take the fuel in a receptacle provided for this purpose and empty the tank of the chainsaw before filling it with a newer mixture.

Too old mixture loses its quality and risk in addition to erase the engine and hoses and plugs the fuel filter.

There are products on the market to stabilize the mixture so that it lasts longer; their costs are in addition to that of the mixture without contractually guarantee the conservation of the mixture.

Oil Percentage in Gasoline

If the manufacturer applies a 2% mixture:

1 liter = 1000 ml (1000 x 2% = 20) thus 20 ml of oil in 1 L of gasoline

5 liters of fuel ask to receive 100 ml of oil.

If the manufacturer asks a 40: 1 ratio:

1 liter = 1000 ml (1000: 40 = 25), therefore 25 ml oil in 1 L of gasoline (2.5%),

5 liters of fuel ask to receive 125 ml of oil.

The Mixture Ready for Chainsaw

The ready-mix chainsaw has a lifespan of two to three years without losing its quality fuel or lubricant. In exchange, the price is much higher (about € 5 a liter).

Note: a small test involves comparing the mixture ready for use with the mixture made from SP 95, just fill two disposable cups, one manufacturer of the mixing and other mixed with fuel the pump. Wait in a few minutes the mixture based on cup SP95 has melted while the manufacturer containing fuel will remain intact.

This shows the power of SP95 aggressive on plastic hoses and the saw and the harmfulness of the products released during combustion.

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