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Dewalt DHS790AT2 Review Amazon’s Choice

The DeWalt DHS790AT2 is part of a new and exciting line of DeWalt FlexVolt tools and saws. These saws are currently the only miter saws available on the market that allow you to run off AC power when available while providing you with the option to switch to battery power when required. No longer do you have to be chained to receptacles and extension cords.

What’s in the box?

  • 2x Lithium-ion batteries
  • Dual Port Fast Charger
  • Corded power supply
  • 12” Blade
  • Blade Wrench
  • Dust Bag


  • Height: 23”
  • Arbor Size: 1”
  • Cut Capacity: 45° Bevel, 45° Miter, 90° Cross-Cut
  • Vertical Capacity Base Molding: 6-3/4”
  • Vertical Capacity Crown Molding: 7-1/2″
  • Weight: 56 lbs

Pros & Cons


Let’s take a look at the great features and benefits we found using this saw, as well as a few minor quirks that you should be aware of.

Pros of Dewalt DHS790AT2

Power Options

We found one of the most valuable features of the DHS790AT2 to be it’s flexible power options. For portability and convenience, the miter saw can be used cordless or corded where a power source is available. Two FlexVolt 60V battery packs (included in the box) power the cordless saw, these battery packs will keep up with most projects but one should consider investing in an additional set of batteries for highly demanding projects. When fully charged, the battery run time is approximately 289 cuts.

If you are not too familiar with DeWalt’s FlexVolt line of batteries, here is a brief history and breakdown. The “FlexVolt” line of batteries and tools were introduced in mid-2016 as a push to offer the same kind of power and reliability in a cordless tool as one would expect from a cord version. The batteries produce anywhere from 20V, 60V, to 120V (two batteries used together), depending on model and tool setup. The batteries are mounted on the back of the unit’s motor housing, you can choose to either use the batteries or mount the cord adapter (120V AC) as your main source of power.

The Blade’s Shadow

One interesting pro of this saw is the “Cutline Blade Positioning System”, this feature projects a shadow onto your workpiece via two LED lights, one mounted on each side of the blade. We found this system to be more accurate than laser-based positioning since we are using the blade itself for alignment. The light system is activated when you press the blade trigger but you can also choose to switch the lights on with the button located on top of the saw handle.

Overrides & Adjustments

The miter controls are located up front, just where you would expect them to be. You will find that the handle moves very smoothly 50° to the left and 60° to the right with common position indentations.

The miter lock feels solid and is easily maneuvered with one hand. You can also adjust the arm for uncommon angles by pressing and holding down the miter dent override button. An adjustable miter scale is laser etched into a chrome plate and laid out in 1° increments, resulting in great visibility even in less ideal lighting.

The head will tilt 49° to the left and right with stops at 45°. You can override this setting by lowering the override lever. If you wish to tilt to the right you will need to reach behind the saw and pull the bevel override lever.

Several convenient bevel stops have been added by DEWALT, allowing you to pivot in and out of place 22.5 and 33.86°- ideal settings for crown molding work.

The Drive System

Like most miter saws, the DEWALT DHS790 employs a belt drive system. The belt used in the DEWALT DHS790 is a Jason Industrial 220J. The ribbing on the belt keeps it from stretching too quickly, aiding in long-term reliability.

What makes the design of the DEWALT DHS790 unique is that the belt drive connects to a second gear drive, creating a 90-degree angle to the arbor. This provides more cutting height clearance for you when you’re working on crown molding or other thin vertical cuts. The maximum cutting height is 6-3/4 inches for base molding while the nested crown capacity for crown molding is 7-1/2 inches.

The Brushless Motor

The brushless motor on the DHS790, which is only slightly bigger than the two FlexVolt batteries, provides a soft start as well as a brake that can stop the blade from spinning in approximately 3 seconds.

These brushless motors are becoming increasingly more popular on cordless tools because they offer:

  • Less heat
  • Less electrical noise
  • Improved torque-to-weight ratios
  • Compact
  • Higher speeds
  • Require less maintenance

Cons of Dewalt DHS790AT2

Dust Collection

When it comes to dust collection you will find that it rates a bit below other top models in this category. While the saw did leave a significant amount of sawdust after a few cuts a quality dust extractor should remedy this issue.

Corded Glitches

The only other significant drawback is a slight hiccup when running the miter saw off an electrical panel. The miter saw will trip dual function AFCI/GFCI breakers even if you are not plugged directly into that circuit.

DeWalt is aware of the issue and is working to resolve this issue. It is believed that the problem has something to do with the brushless motor and the converter.

It is also worth mentioning that while the batteries are backward compatible with DeWalt 20V tools, they will not work with 12, 18, or 24-volt tools.


the saw comes with a 3-year limited warranty that will repair or replace your tool if the defect is due to faulty materials or workmanship. as with most warranties, it will not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear or abuse.

Dewalt does, however, offer to maintain your tool and replace worn parts from normal use for free during the first year after purchase. a 90-day money-back guarantee is also in place if you aren’t satisfied with your tool. you will need to provide the receipt for a full refund.


While there are several cordless miter saws available on the market today there are none that offer the operating capability and flexibility that the DEWALT DHS790AT2 does. The price tag is a fair price to pay for the durability, flexibility, and convenience of this high-performance miter saw. The excellent cordless runtime on this full-size miter saw ensures that it will be the right choice for any job, large or small.

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