Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table – Editor’s Choice

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The features and specifications of the Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table guarantees to completely transform your woodworking experience. The best features include the large surface area of the tabletop, height adjustor, sufficient compartment space, aluminum fence, Superior dust removal, and many more.

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

If you are looking forward to go professional with woodworking then a router table is the first thing you should be looking for. There are a variety of router tables available in the market but only a few offer the best features and specifications. Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table is one of them. Having a strong and stable built, Bosch offers the best woodworking experience you can get from a router table.

Customer’s Benefits

  • The Bosch RA1181 was specially designed so that it could be used with a variety of routers and that it could be mounted on almost all workbenches.
  • Safer with a starter pin and a guard for supporting the curved pieces during a routing operation.
  • It is a versatile router table that has a very important role in any woodworking shop.
  • Clean and safe with super vacuum hoses.
  • Aluminum fence with MDF face plates and aluminum router mounting plate makes it table a strong and stable router table.
  • There is a special storage for cord wrap so that it does not get tangled and hinder your work.

Attractive Features

The best features includes of this router table include-

  • The router table is comprised of three major parts including the mounting hardware, the plate insert rings, and a total of two feather boards which can be adjusted.
  • The work surface is made up of die-cast which measures 27-inches by 18-inches.
  • Since this router table is portable, it has its base made up of ABS plastic to prevent any damage to the table.
  • The table has an MDF faceplates and an aluminum fence measuring 4-7/8 in. x 25-1/8 in.
  • This router table offers a pre-drilled mounting plate for the router. This rigid aluminum router plate can support a large variety of routers.
  • Two feather boards guide the work when mounted on the fence or the router table.
  • This router table offers a 2-1/2 inch dust collection port which creates a much better and healthier working environment.
  • This router table offers a Storage compartment to store feather board and other machine parts.
  • Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table includes – (3) Mounting Plate Insert Ring Hardware for Mounting Most Routers, (2) Adjustable Feather boards, Adjustable Clear Guard Starter Pin and Guard (2) 1/16 in. thick.
  • A single year warranty for the table is provided by the company.


There are a lot of pros associated with the Bosch benchtop router but the best feature is that it provides a very large surface area to accomplish your routing or woodwork. This router table is specifically engineered to fit most of the routers that exist.

The problem with many other router tables is their dust collection system. With the Bosch RA1181 router table, you will not face any such problem because you are provided with a standard 2-1/2 in. vacuum hose to form a superior dust collection system.

This router table features an aluminum fence and also MDF faceplate ensuring durability and strength for a very long time. In case you face any problem, the company provides a warranty period of one year to help you get hassle-free services.


The locknuts which were supposed to keep leg bolts secure don’t function properly until an extra measure is taken. To ensure portability most of its body is made up of lightweight plastic. Hence, extra precaution has to be taken to avoid over tightening of any bolt which may lead to breakage of washers.

User guide

Another important component included with this product is its instruction manual. A good understanding of instructions helps in the easy setting and placement of the table. The problem with other company machines is its complex procedure and handling but with the Bosch RA1181 router table, you can have a hassle-free Woodworking experience.

How to maintain, clean?

Any machine’s life is decided by the nature of maintenance it has received. A very strong and well-designed tool needs far less maintenance than the one which is made of low-quality material. Bosch router table has an aluminum fence and MDF faceplate. This makes it last much longer and stronger.

The table is designed with a 2-1/2 in. vacuum hose which helps in getting a better dust collection system. This removes the hassle of routine cleaning and dusting off the table. This tabletop requires very little maintenance. If in any case, you face a problem with this tabletop, then you could utilize the single year warranty provided with this router table. If you want to check another router table to Bosch RA 1171, it’s one of the most router tables.

Frequently Asked Question

Which type of router can this table host?

You can host a large variety of routers on this table because there are pre-drilled holes that support all major routers.

Is there any manual with the product?

Yes, you get a manual for easy and hassle-free setup of your machine.

Is there any compartment space provided in the router table?

Yes, with this router table you get a small compartment made in the table itself which can store feather board and other tools related to the router table.


After having a look at everything about Bosch RA1181, it won’t be wrong to conclude that it is indeed one of the best benchtop router in the market. With such high-quality features and functions at such an economical price, this router table is something to look out for.

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