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Top 5 Best Dovetail Saw Review in 2022

The desire of every carpenter or woodworker is always to have the best tools that facilitate most if not all of their projects. This helps to ensure that you spend less time working on projects as well as get desirable results.

Having good quality power and hand tools in your toolbox and workshop is also beneficial especially when handling various DIY repairs and constructions. In this article, I will explain to you different aspects revolving around the best dovetail saws that you need to have in your toolbox.

What you should know about Dovetail Saw

There are various types of saws to choose from, from the compound miter saw down to the dovetail saw. You can click here to learn more about the compound miter saw. But in this article, we will be tackling all about the dovetail saw and what it can do for you!

If you are a seasoned DIYer, you perhaps know what a dovetail saw is and what it is used for. However, for the beginners, this type of tool might sound strange to them.

A dovetail saw is a comparatively small back saw that is made of a thin blade, fine teeth, and a straight handlebar. It is basically used for cutting timber by providing small and accurate cuts, particularly when exceptionally clean finishes are needed.

Dovetail saws are mostly used in making precise structures such as cabinets and making of other structures that need two pieces of wood to be joint together with some sort of joint. The type of joints used in these constructions are referred to as dovetail joints although there are other joints associated in with cabinet structures i.e. tenons and rabbets.

Typically, dovetail saws are used for cutting both hard wood and soft wood so long as the accuracy needed is attained.

Features of a Dovetail Saw

There are various types of saws that seem to be similar to dovetail saws in terms of appearance and functions. This similarity tends to create confusion especially among novices who are not able to distinguish between a dovetail saw and any other saw that poses similarities.

If you are looking for a dovetail saw, it is important to understand that there are particular characteristics that you will need to look into to make it easy for you to attain the best results from your workings. Some of these features include the following;

1. The Blade

A dovetail saw is characterized by a somewhat thin blade which is also short in length. This type of blade in a dovetail saw is so that the tool can provide the level of precise cutting needed even when handling the most delicate type of task. This certainly enhances the results thus allowing you to get what you are yearning from the structure.

2. The cutting stroke

Conventionally, most dovetail saws would only cut on the push stroke only. Nonetheless, recent inventions have seen some of the models of this saw that can comfortably cut on both push and pull stroke without difficulty. This is of importance because it ensures that you get the right cut irrespective how delicate it may seem to be.

3. Teeth per Inch

This is also another critical feature that you need to look into and understand in regards to the dovetail saw. Typically, the dovetail saw will always have around 14 to 20 teeth per inch. This makes it easy for the saw to make precise cutting with excellent finishing.

4. The Handle

In most cases, the type of handle that is found on the dovetail saw frequently differs depending on the particular purpose for the saw. There are those that have straight handles while others have cylindrical handles. The straight handles are used purposefully for attaining precise cuttings for delicate work while the tubular handle is helpful in enabling you to have better control of the particular shape or pattern of the cuts that you are making.

5. Finish

This is also the other distinguishing characteristic of a dovetail saw that should be observed. In comparing it with other different types of saws, the dovetail saws have a relatively higher TPI which implies that it creates a clean finish.

The neat finish that these saws provide makes them cut through the wood relatively slowly since they have more teeth thus enabling you to have more control over each stroke that you undertake.

Choosing The Best Dovetail Saw That You Could Buy

When considering to shop for the best dovetail saw for your needs, it is significant that you look into the characteristics mentioned above one by one. This is of importance because it will make it possible for you to get the best results from using the saw in your structures.

The other fundamental factor that you shouldn’t forget to consider is the price that it goes for. Different dealers sell these tools at various prices depending on different aspects. However, it is necessary that you determine your budget to enable you to get the best one in the market that suits your needs and preferences.

The material that has been used in making the particular dovetail saw is also another crucial factor to think about. Ideally, you need a tool that will be able to last longer by being able to endure some of the harshest conditions it might undergo. This, therefore, makes it ideal for you to consider the type of material used and make sure it is durable and of good quality.

Top 5 Best Dovetail Saws Review

In this article, we have selected the top dovetail saws that you need to consider which will give you the best and most effective results from your work. They are some of the highly regarded saws that also enable those who are budget-conscious to get at least something to use in their workshops.

Here are some of the reviews for the top selected dovetail saws;

1. Gyokucho Dozuki Noko Giri dovetail saw

Best Dovetail Saw

It is one of the finest cutting saws available in the market today. It is relatively small in size and made from renowned hardy materials that give it the ability to withstand harsh working conditions as well as last for longer. It is a versatile type of dovetail saw that can also be used in performing other wood-cutting-related activities in the workshops or homes.

Features and benefits

  • It is made of an impulse-hardened blade teeth; this is because the saw is tasked with cutting some of the hardest woods around thus giving the ability to extend its wear. The hardened blade teeth enable this particular type of saw model to last longer which in turn helps you to save money that could otherwise be spent on replacement blades.
  • Its blade is hard coated which helps in reducing the effect of corrosion that would otherwise compromise the cutting and finish quality of this particular saw. The coat is also useful in ensuring that the blade is resistant to a number of elements that would make it wear out within a short duration of time.
  • Its handle is covered with rattan which provides you with a firmer grip giving you greater control when cutting wood for your projects.
  • It offers great versatility; this saw can be used in various home improvement as well as commercial applications. This versatility makes it a suitable saw for DIY woodworkers especially when you want to save time and energy while working on different woodwork tasks.


  • Cannot be used in cutting materials that are not ferocious

2. Dozuki “Z” dovetail Saw

Best Dovetail Saw

This Dozuki “Z” saw is also another highly regarded type of dovetail saw that is ideal for various joinery tasks.

This saw is known for producing very smooth cuts and it is more suitable for tight fitting and accurate joinery. One of its outstanding feature is its ability to allow replacement of blades thus making it easy for the user to frequently change the blades in the event that they wear out or break.

Features and benefits

  • The possibility of replacing the blade allows users to have peace of mind whenever working using this particular tool. This is because of the certainty of changing the blades with ease in the event that they break or wear out.The ability to replace blades is essential as it allows you to quickly and efficiently replace the blade and continue with your sawing tasks.
  • High carbon steel blades enhance the durability the above mentioned tool. This steel blade will enable you to cut both softwood and hardwood materials without worrying about them wearing out or breaking.
  • Its handles have an ergonometric design that provides for a comfortable grip when using this particular saw thus allowing you to have easy control of the saw when making cuts and joint on materials. Remember that control allows you to get the best quality and clean cuts for constructions.
  • The rigid back helps in ensuring that the accuracy of the cuts is achieved without any errors. What this does is that they do not provide any room for shaking that could result to undesirable results from the cuts.
  • Affordability; this saw is obtainable at a very reasonable cost which perhaps shows the reason why it is has become one of the bestselling type of saw in the tool industry especially the cutting tools niche. Its affordability and the fact that it has the ability to offer more than its price is obviously a good reason.


  • It is strictly for woodworking purposes and cannot be used in cutting other forms of material such as glass etc.

3. Stanley FatMax dovetail saw

Best Dovetail Saw

This saw is specifically designed for getting fine finish from several types of woodwork constructions irrespective of the nature of the wood that you are cutting. It therefore means that you can easily cut any type of hardwood, softwood and plywood using this saw but still get a fine finish and precise cutting from your materials.

Features and benefits

  • Stronger premier steel blade that is essential in providing the needful strength when sawing. This makes it possible for the saw to be effective in cutting lumber as well having a relatively longer life for longer use.
  • It has an ergonometric handle that provides your hand with a firm grip and also the comfort needed when sawing thus allowing you to get the best out of using this particular saw.
  • The saw comes with heavy duty screws that are meant for securing the blade to make it possible to get attached on the handle strongly. This is important in ensuring the safety of the user because it will not be able to easily break and hurt the user.
  • The assembly is done in a way that appeals to the eye; this gives you the fulfilment that you are working with a tool that is good looking.
  • It is versatile which means that it can be used in carrying out various cutting functions that you might for your projects; this simply means that this particular saw be used for various applications.
  • The steel material used in manufacturing the blade for this particular saw is hardened to ensure that it does not corrode easily even when exposed to the extreme conditions. This is essential because it shows that it is a durable material and you will be able to stay longer with it.


  • It only cuts of the push stroke.

4. Gyokucho 770-3500 Razor Dozuki Saw

Best Dovetail Saw

This is a modern variation of the conventional pull-stroke saw associated with the Japanese. It is strongly designed in a manner that gives the user flexibility while using it in cutting various types of wooden joints.

This saw has a spectacular appearance that enables it to be one of the most preferred type of dovetail saws among many DIY and professional carpenters. It is easy to use, clean and has a great TPI that allows it to produce high quality, fine and clean finish.

Features and benefits

  • It has a slim blade that makes it an ideal choice for getting the best kerfs from the particular cut you would be willing to make. This is actually important since other than making it easy for you to get the best cut even in delicate sections of a wood, the slim blade also helps in prevention of wood wastage which can affect the overall final result of your structure.
  • The grip of this saw is fantastic, contoured and plastic providing it with the most certain comfort that you would need when using it in carrying your sawing tasks. This firm grip allows you to take charge in controlling the saw when you do cut your wood thus making it difficult for you to end up with a poor finish.
  • The blade included in this dovetail saw has 17 teeth per inch which is great in enhancing the precision and fineness of the cut that you will be aiming.


  • It can be a little flimsy for dovetail

5. Crown FLINN1 10-Inch Dovetail Saw

Best Dovetail Saw

This last item on our list is also another one of the highly regarded dovetail saws that is currently in the market. Known for its hard steel blade and beech handle, this particular dovetail saw is useful in ensuring that you get the right tool for exceptional quality and accurate cutting. It is also suitable for cutting relatively flat surfaces especially when garnishing the dowels.

Features and benefits

  • High quality blade made of steel material; it gives it the necessary sturdiness to enable it cut different types of wood irrespective of the texture without wearing out easily. The steel blade is also has a hardened coat that gives it the ability to resist different kinds of corrosion that it could possibly compromise the quality and fineness of the cut.
  • It is fitted with a neatly finished beech handle that has suitable grip ideal for providing the user with sufficient security while using it since it makes it rather difficult to slip from the hand. The other good thing with this beech handle is that it makes it possible for the user to easily control the saw during cutting due to the fact that it provides maximum grasp when being used.
  • It has a greater TPI which makes it ideal for using in a variety of dovetail works since the high TPI provides for clean and precise cuttings. A greater TPI is quite beneficial in the sense that you will ultimately have the desirable results from using this particular saw in accomplishing a variety of your dovetail joinery tasks.


  • It has a relatively wide kerf that is so not desirable in woodworking


The 5 saws listed above are some of the best in the market and we highly recommend them to any user whether for simple tasks at home or for professional woodworking.

However, the two most important things that you need to always put in mind when using these types of saws is safety and good maintenance. Always ensure that you safely use the dovetail saw to prevent accidents and injury arising from cutting yourself. Additionally, ensure that you maintain the saw in top shape at all times in order to get the best quality service from them.

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