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Jet Jwbs-14dxpro Deluxe Pro Review 2022

Discover the new JWBS-14DXPRO 14” Deluxe Bandsaw. Completely redesigned, this band saw offers you the opportunity to forget the hassle of installing a riser block and avoid unnecessary stress as you set out to use and enjoy your powerful new tool.

With a solid, cast iron construction the stability of this unit is difficult to match, and the rigidity of the frame and higher blade tension empower you to approach even the toughest re-sawing jobs with confidence. Now even 12” re-sawing jobs are within your reach, making this 14” Band Saw an ideal choice for your shop.

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What’s in the box?

Not much else to be found in the box with this tool except for the unit itself.

  • Jet JWBS-14DXPRO Band Saw

Specifications of Jwbs-14dxpro

  • Weight: 247 pounds
  • Length: 29”, Width: 28”, Height:77”
  • Blade Length: 105”
  • Blade Speed: 1500/3000 SFPM
  • Min Saw Blade Width: 1/8”
  • Max Saw Blade Width: ¾”
  • Motor Rating: 1.25 HP, 1, Ph, 115/230 V
  • Cutting Capacity: 13 ½” wide, 12″ high
  • Dust Port: 4″
  • Table Height from floor: 39”
  • Table Dimensions: 15” x 15”
  • Table Tilt: 10˚left, 45˚ right
  • Frame: Cast Iron

Pros & Cons

Now that you have some of the basic information about this tool, let’s dive a little bit deeper for a more comprehensive understanding of where it succeeds and where it falls short.

 Why We Like It

Designed for Precision and Safety

The JWBS-14DXPRO provides sophisticated control via an efficient poly-v belt drive system with two choices of speed. Safety is taken into account as well with a blade guidepost, a retractable blade guard, and rack-in-pinion adjustment. Also included is a high-tension spring designed to calibrate precise blade tensioning. For convenience, a quick-release blade tension feature allows you to easily make adjustments without compromising flexibility and time.

Solid Frame

This band saw towers a full 6 inches taller than other standard 14” saws on the market. The additional height allows the Jet JWBS-14DPRO Band Saw to provide 12” of re-saw capacity. The height and size increase provides woodworkers with a 13 ½ inch cutting width, giving this model a larger cut capacity than other 14” band saws.

Powerful and Fast

This band saw is powered by a 1.25HP, 1Ph 115/230V motor that is totally enclosed and fan-cooled. This powerful motor is mounted on the lower saw frame to make adjusting belt tension and changing speeds more convenient. Placing the motor up on the saw also frees up space at the bottom of the cabinet for storage. While cutting curves and ripping stock up to 2” thick won’t pose much of a challenge for other band saws on the market, comparable models do face difficulty with re-sawing hardwoods 10” or wider. With the Jet JWBS-14DPRO Band Saw there’s no need to worry. The motor is built to withstand your tough workload.

Polyurethane Tires

The cast-iron frame and cast-iron wheels are designed to minimize vibrations. This increases the accuracy and the quality of your cuts. Compared to band saws with aluminum wheels, the Jet JWBS-14DPRO Band Saw has another advantage. The weight of these cast iron wheels generates much more momentum to power the blade through each cut. These precision cast iron wheels last longer and maintain their shape better while friction-reducing ball bearing guides work to ensure straight wheel tracking.

Ease of Use

The top and bottom roller bearing guides feature large sealed ball bearings to ensure smooth performance and longevity. They are all easily adjustable without the use of extra tools. To adjust the tilt of the table, simply loosen the two lock knobs and tilt it either up to 45˚ to the right or down 10 ˚ to the left. After adjusting the needed tilt, retighten the two knobs and you are good to go.

Similarly, the blades are very accessible and you will find changing them a simple task thanks to the quick release feature. Blade tension can be adjusted by turning the blade tension knob clockwise. Keep turning until you match your blade width using the built-in blade width gauge.


Due to the extra height of the cabinet, the band saw features a decent storage space that is 17 ¼” wide by 15” deep by 25” tall within. This storage space can help you keep your workspace organized. The table height is very comfortable and allows you to work without needing to hunch over.

Design & Quick Release

Well thought out dust collector ports keep hoses out of your work area and keep the dust out of your way. Another great feature of the Jet JWBS-14DPRO is its quick-release lever, this makes it a breeze to switch out blades.

Why We Didn’t Like It


The band saw is extremely heavy. The saw alone weighs 200 pounds so you will need the help of a friend or a hydraulic lift to get it mounted to the base. The weight is well distributed, however, and makes it nearly impossible to push over and tilt when pushing wood through the blade.

Sold Separately

Unfortunately, this model does not come with a fence or miter gauge, so you will need to pick those up separately.

Warranty Details

Jet offers a 90-day limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects for consumable items and a 5-year warranty on woodworking products. If you are planning to use the Jet JWBS-14DXPRO for commercial or industrial purposes, however, the warranty is cut down to two years.


As a serious woodworker, you are most likely looking for a band saw that is powerful, reliable, and within the right price range. To put it very simply, the Jet JWBS-14DXPRO meets and exceeds those expectations. You will find this woodworking machine adequate to handle all of your curve-cutting, crosscutting, book-matching, and re-sawing needs, even when working with the hardest wood species. With a quick, initial setup, the JWBS-14DXPRO could be humming away in your shop.

What length is the blade?

The blade length of Jwbs-14dxpro is 105 Inches

Original instructions & warranty included?

Yes, the original user manual and warranty card are included in the packing box.

Can I cut aluminum with this band saw?

Yes, if the billet is not too thin. You can also cut thin light steel with the right band saw blade. Do not use carbide-plated wooden blades for aluminum.

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