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Jet Bench Grinder 8 Inch Review 2022

A bench grinder can be used to buff, shape, clean, and sharpen hard metals. It can even be used to remove grime and rust! Bench grinders are essential for metal maintenance and can be utilized for a variety of different purposes.

A JET bench grinder 8 Inch uses a wheel attachment to perform these various tasks on the metal. The wheel portion can be made of different materials and can run at different speeds. This can create varying levels of grinding. Check bench grinder 101 article for effective information on bench grinder.

Bench grinders are typically seen as an investment to your tool shed. That’s why finding the right one that works best for your needs while remaining within your price point, is important.

Bench grinders are ideal for people who need to modify and maintain hard metal. A high quality and high performing bench grinder that users trust and love is the Jet Bench Grinder 8 inch.

Below is a review of the Jet Bench Grinder 8 inch.

Jet Bench Grinder 8 Inch Review

The Jet Bench Grinder 8 inch is a great bench grinder that is suitable for shops and workstations of all sizes. It can even be used in a small shop. The wheels on this grinder spin well and work vigorously.

This device runs smoothly with no vibrations, which creates an environment that allows the best quality of work to be performed with minimal interference. The parts are heavy duty and durable. The device itself is powerful and operates with as much force as some of its counterparts that are much more expensive.

This bench grinder begins at a great speed and goes full force while remaining pretty quiet. The motor is long-lasting and durable.

Features Of Jet Bench Grinder

  • Industrial-grade use
  • 8-inch bench grinder
  • ​Cast iron wheel
  • Quick adjusting spark guards
  • ⅝ inch spindle
  • ​Motor: 115 Volts
  • Two vitrified grinding wheels
  • One fine wheel
  • One coarse wheel
  • Guarded switch
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Electric powered
  • Heavy duty
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Includes stand
  • Rubber feet
Jet Bench Grinder 8

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone who needs a space efficient bench grinder for their workshop will benefit from making this purchase. This bench grinder is industrial grade, making it great for average and smaller workshop sizes.

The Jet Bench Grinder 8 inch is an awesome tool for anyone who needs to buff, sharpen, or clean hard metal efficiently and quickly. This bench grinder is built to exert maximum force and power for the most efficient results possible.

This bench grinder is also great for people who are tired of bench grinders that make too much noise and vibrate too much. Those bench grinders make operation hard, stressful, and uncomfortable.

However, the Jet Bench Grinder 8 inch runs smoothly with no noise. It is perfect for getting serious work done with accuracy.


The Jet Bench Grinder 8 inch is technologically superb. It has a 1 HP, single phase motor that turns at an RPM measuring 3450. This motor allows the device to operate at a fast speed and a powerful force to perform heavy-duty grinding.

As a side note, this device comes pre-lubricated for maximum ease of use, so you don’t run into any trouble trying to operate the grinder.

The grinder itself sits on rubber feet. These feet help keep the bench grinder still. They also reduce noise and vibration, leading to a smooth operation and easy usage. This also prevents unwanted movement that can disrupt the process.

If needed, the bench grinder comes with the ability for the user to bolt it down to a surface to ensure maximum stability at all times of usage.


The Jet Bench Grinder 8 inch aims to work powerfully and efficiently. It comes with two grinding wheels with distinctive textures since one feels coarse while the other is fine. One wheel is 36-grit, and the other is 60-grit. The wheels are 8in in diameter x 1in wide with 5/8in arbor.

This bench grinder comes with a single piece spark guard that has quick adjusting ability. It also comes with easily adjustable eye shields for protection during work.

The spindle thread size is 5/8 inches while the bench grinder itself measures to be 8 inches. It comes with a heavy-duty guarded toggle switch and pre-lubricated ball bearings that are entirely enclosed.

This device weighs 60 pounds with an ivory center while the wheel areas are black.


The Jet Bench Grinder 8 inch is very convenient for use due to its rubber feet. The rubber footing on this device practically eliminates any annoying sounds and distracting vibrations. It also lessens the chance of sudden movement that can disrupt your hard work. The rubber footing is ideal for convenient operation.

This device is convenient because of its size. Although it is a smaller sized grinder, it is still incredibly heavy-duty and powerful. Plus, its size allows for it to be used in a variety of different environments and workshop areas.

This bench grinder is convenient because it comes pre-lubricated. It also comes with great safety measures. In fact, the safety kit includes eye shields that are quickly and easily adjustable to suit anyone’s face.

Insider Thoughts

The Jet Bench Grinder 8 inch is a fantastic tool for any workshop. It is extremely forceful and is prepared to carry out heavy-duty work.


To ensure minimum movement, you can bolt the rubber feet to an area such as the floor. This will further prevent the bench grinder from slipping.

For maximum safety, make sure to use the safety goggles and practice all safety precautions while using the device. Also, make sure to read the directions.

This bench grinder comes with a two-year limited warranty. If anything is to happen to your device before the two-year mark, you need to make sure to contact Jet’s customer service. They may be able to replace the grinder or certain parts for free.

Buying Advice

For the motor speed and high power of this bench grinder, it is worth the one-time payment of less than $250. This is an investment that will last a long time in the workshop.

The best place to buy this bench grinder from is Amazon. Amazon provides you with free shipping, instructions, and a manufacturer’s warranty.

My Verdict

I would highly recommend buying The Jet Bench Grinder 8 inch. It is made with high quality and is meant to be used for high-quality work.

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