BOSCH GTS1031 Review

Table saws, in particular, are known to be heavy, and difficult to move. Undoubtedly, the table saw is a piece of equipment that every woodworker needs, but to find an efficient model that doesn’t also weigh a ton can be difficult. Fortunately for those in need of a portable powerhouse, the Bosch GTS1031 has made tremendous strides at both.

The Bosch GTS1031 can be carried in one hand and used to make quick work of even the toughest materials. It all sounds appealing on the surface but of course, you can’t make a big buying decision off of superficial analysis alone. Let’s take a closer look at the Bosch GTS1031 to see if it is right for your shop.

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  • Table Saw
  • 24-tooth Carbide Saw Blade
  • Rip Fence
  • Miter Gauge
  • Push Stick
  • 2 Blade-Change Wrenches

The box includes exactly what you would expect it to. The package is about as comprehensive as you need it to be with no crucial elements missing. Certainly, it contains enough to get you started right away.


  • Weight: 52 Pounds
  • Amperage: 15
  • Bevel Angle Range: -2 to 47 Degrees
  • Depth of a Cut at 45 Degrees: 2-1/4th inches
  • Depth of Cut at 90 Degrees: 3-1/9th inches
  • Blade Diameter: 10 inches
  • Cord Length: 6 Feet
  • No Load RPM: 5000


Now that we have established a basic understanding of this product, let’s further examine it by taking a closer look at the pros and cons.


It’s Mobile

Mobility is one of the bigger selling points with this unit. It’s not every table saw that can be carried from site to site with one hand, which is one of the aspects of this tool that makes it special.

The dual handle sides featured on this unit are designed to make it easy to load into a truck, or arrange on a work platform. The ergonomic grips, coupled with the lightweight but durable construction of this saw make it the ideal tool for contractors.

It’s Tough

Durability is always a good thing in the world of power tools. When the job gets tough you definitely want a piece of equipment that is capable of comfortably handling it.

The base is made of the Bosch GTS1031 is of an all-steel construction, and comes complete with rubber-coated feet so that it can stand stable under any working conditions. Stability combined with tough construction equates to a product that should stand up to even the roughest working conditions.


This model also features ample storage beneath the table so that you can easily transport your rip fence, smart guard system, miter gauge, push stick, and wrenches. This will save you plenty of time at the end of a long workday. It also serves as a great way to keep some of the most important aspects of your table saw safe as you drive to or from a job site.

True Cut

Waste can be an unfortunate side effect of woodwork, but good equipment can go a long way towards reducing it. The GTS1031 features a Square Lock Rip Fence that is designed to help give you the truest cut possible so that you don’t end up wasting excessive materials.

The fence, along with the T-slot miter gauge are both designed to make this saw extremely accurate to help maximize the quality of your woodwork.

Time-Saving Smart Guard

The Smart Guard System is designed to attach and detach quickly so that you never need to feel like you are wasting time. Meanwhile, the Rawls and riving knife provide control over the material that dwarves that of comparable saws. What does this equate to? Attachments that are designed to be as effective and time-saving as possible.


The powerful motor featured on the Bosch GTS1031 gives the blade a cut capacity of 5000 RPM, which means that you won’t have any trouble safely working through even some of the toughest materials that you might encounter on a job site.

Rear Dust Shoot

For indoor table saws, you are going to want to make use of a dust collection system. For outdoor models, on the other hand, you will need an alternative, which is exactly what the GTS1031 provides in the form of its rear dust shoot.

The shoot will both keep your workpiece clean so that you can make the most accurate possible cuts, and minimize your lung exposure to harmful dust particles. Bosch does offer a dust collection bag for this table saw, the TS1004.



Unfortunately, a steel table just isn’t going to be as sound as its cast-iron equivalent. At least that is what some users of the GTS 1031 have found, citing that aspects of the table wobble during use more than they are comfortable with.

Like all user complaints, this isn’t experienced by everyone who uses the table, but it has been mentioned enough on Amazon (and similar sites) customer review pages to make one reconsider it as a buying option.

“Wobbly”, actually more or less captures the essence of all the complaints issued against the GTS1031. It is admittedly a little bit troubling but it is also almost to be expected given the portable nature of the unit. Unfortunately, you just aren’t going to get the same stability from a mobile saw that you will get with their massive stationary counterparts.


My overall impression of the Bosch GTS1031 is that it is an excellent buying opportunity for someone who is often on the move with their table saw. It would be hard to find a comparable saw that is more portable, which definitely gives it an edge over its competition.

On the other hand, if you do not travel with your table saw, you may appreciate the stability of a stationary model. For those that are on the move, however, the GTS1031 is an excellent buying opportunity that makes working on location easier than ever before.

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