Ridgid JobMax 18V Review: Best Oscillating Tool

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Ridgid has come up with a brand new power-packed multi-tool with tool-free head. It is one of the most promisingly versatile tool systems in the industry that can accomplish any tasks with enhanced efficiency by virtue of its 7 heads that are attached separately to the base. This cordless power tool system is designed to deliver power-packed performance. But how good it actually is? Let’s find out through a detailed Ridgid JobMax 18V Review here.

Ridgid JobMax 18V Review: The Prominent Features

Let’s begin with the features of the Ridgid JobMax 18V first and here is a list of some of the amazing features of this tool.

The Multi-Tool Oscillating Head truly stands out with its sanding and cutting accessories along with a universal adapter suitable for Bosch and Dremel branded accessories. It is perfectly balanced, compact and also lightweight enough to function remarkably well when coupled with the power base handle.

The Right Angle Impact Driver is extremely compact and has a soft rubbery sleeve that calls for enhanced comfort for the user.

The Power Base Handle not only holds the battery, the motor and the variable speed trigger of the tool but also ensures that the heads can be attached to it at varying angles like 90 degree, 180 degree and 270 degree. The reversible variable speed trigger on the power base handle is pretty much large and easy to handle. When without a head, this power base handle locks the trigger thereby, avoiding accidental power-drain during storage or transport.

The 12 Volt 3/8” Drill Driver comes along with the JobMax combo kit and is remarkably well-balanced with a 3/8” chuck, 17 clutch settings, drill modes and a 2-speed gearbox. An impressive performer in itself, the drill driver outputs a massive 240 in lbs of power.

The 3/8” Right Angle Drill calls for the ultra-compactness of the Ridgid JobMax 18V tool. It houses a 0-550 RPM gearbox and a non-adjustable clutch and performs fairly well.

The 3/8” Square Driver Ratchet looks a little bulky but it is actually compact enough to reach out to some of the tighter areas with ease and efficiency. Driven at 0-220 RPM, it adds to the versatility of the entire system.

What Makes Ridgid JobMax 18V the Best?

Ridgid JobMax 18V Review

While each of the independent features of the tool system speaks highly of the machine in general, a complete Ridgid JobMax 18V review will remain incomplete without going deeper into its pros and cons. So, here we go:


The Ridgid JobMax 18V comes with enhanced battery strength and therefore, promises longer runtime. It can work for a minimum of 50 minutes at a stretch and does not require a changed battery after every heavy-duty work.

The tool gets fully charged in less than 30 minutes and this shorter charge time makes it very functional in the industry.

It makes very less noise while being operated. As such, users of this best oscillating multi-tool may choose not to wear ear plugs while using this system.

The Ridgid JobMax 18V has very good ergonomic features, which ensures that it does not vibrate much and hence, allows users to handle the tool more easily. Further, it is lightweight, has an integrated and highly optimized LED light helpful at the time of operating it in relatively darker places with very less surrounding light.

The 18V tool can cut through hardwood in less time than what most ordinary cutting tools would require. Because of its advanced design mechanism, it also does not vibrate much while cutting through hard surfaces.

The metal cutting performance of this tool is also worth appreciation. It offers a decent cut when brought in metal cut and the advanced blades work with enhanced efficiency.


There are no glaring downsides of this tool. However, the following can be a matter of disadvantage for some users:

There is no variable speed dial

The tool is not available with a kit option

You know Ridgid JobMax is a cordless power tool and we talked in details in cordless oscillating tool reviews

Final Verdict

As very much evident from the detailed Ridgid JobMax 18V Review, this one is a technologically advanced tool that boasts of several outstanding features and capabilities. It is a well-guarded cordless oscillating tool with remarkable versatility and excellent ergonomic characteristics.

Its interchangeable tool head and long battery life makes it a preferred tool system in the industry. Above all, it is an affordable system that is also comfortable for the user and can, therefore, be certainly regarded a highly recommended, best value tool.

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