Best Metal Mini Lathe in 2023 (Review)

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Finding the best metal mini lathe can be a daunting task, as there are many options available on the market. However, there are a few factors to consider when selecting a mini lathe for metalworking.

Are you addicted to the modeling or shaping videos on Facebook or YouTube? Do you want to make your own designs and models with your own lathe? If the answer to both of this question is ‘yes’ then you are reading the right article. Are you searching router table? Read this article to find out best router table.

Here I am going to discuss the best features of mini lathes to start your passion for shaping and designing with metals. In addition to that, there are some of the best mini metal lathes on the market along with my thorough review about them. If you are seriously looking forward to living with your all-time passion to create models and different shapes of figures then you will be a step forward after reading this whole article.

Quick Comparison Between the 6 Best Mini Metal Lathe

Product NameGrade
Central Machinery 7 x 10A+
Mophorn Metal Lathe Precision Mini LatheA
BestEquip Mini Metal LatheA-
Erie Tools 7 x 14A+
7 X 14 Mini Metal LatheA

1. Central Machinery 7 x 10 – Precision Mini Lathe

best mini metal lathe

The 7 x 10 mini metal lathe by the central machinery is one of the best precised one for making models or any type of prototypes. You will get the best result after using it.

The lathe comes with the variable speed option. The controlling knob will help you to control the speed according to the material, edge, and need.

It has 18 threads which make your work look perfect and the automatic feed makes the functionality easier. This is one of the used lathes in laboratory works, also popular for workshops and engineering purposes. The speed will vary up to 2500 RPM depending on the low and high setting.

This is one of the easiest one to handle if you have used lathe before. It is usable by professionals. Because it gives the perfect touch to the models with almost perfect precision.

Highlighted Features

  • It has variable speed control knob
  • 0-2500 RPM
  • 18 threads
  • Automatic feed with micro switch
  • Chuck guard with micro switch
  • Tailstock taper: MT2

What We Liked

  • An automatic feed
  • Variable speed knob
  • A tool post
  • A chuck with micro switch
  • Easy to use

What We Didn’t Like

  • Replacement parts are hard to find

2. SHOP FOX W1704 – Best Benchtop Lathe


The shop fox W1704 lathe is made to set on a workbench. If you are searching for a metal lathe which fits perfectly on your workbench then this is the one for you.

It won’t only fit on your workbench but also it will shape your required thing with speed and safety. This shop for the lathe is made of cast iron and has 1/3 horse power.

You will get the option to control your speed while using the lathe. The variable option with this one is from 700- 3200 RPM (revolutions per minute). It has safety paddle switch as well. 

The manufacturer is providing two tool rests with the lathe so that you can bring varieties in your work as well. The tool rests are 4-1/2 and 7-inch tool rest.

The faceplate of this lathe is 5- 3/4 inch which is very useful especially when you will need to make something like a bowl. This is needed because the tailstocks usually don’t have anything to support the inner side of the bowl like structures.

Highlighted Features

  • The Motor is 1/3 HP with Single-phase, 60 Hz, 2 Amp and 110V
  • Swing over bed is 8-inch
  • There is 12-inch distance between centers
  • 700 – 3,200 RPM spindle speed

What We Liked

  • Variable speed motor
  • Good for making bowl shape
  • Ideal for pen turning and small projects
  • Cast-iron construction

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit hard to control

3. Mophorn Metal Lathe Precision Mini Lathe


If you are looking for a mini lathe that can cut and design through not only a few but various numbers of materials then this is the one for you.

The Mophorn mini lathe is ideal for your workshop if you need to work with different types of materials on a daily basis. It will help you with drilling, threading, and cutting.

This will become a part of your work where you have to do the slight precisions and modeling for details. In one word it will help you to get the details out of your design perfectly.

It is a benchtop lathe which is also used in school works and any type of research teams uses it as it gives the perfect details to the designed model. For the details of the scientific and engineering design is all that matters.

Highlighted Features

  • Power of the motor is 0.75 HP 550W 110V60HZ
  • Spindle accuracy is 004 inch
  • Swing Over Bed is 7 inch
  • Distance between centers is 14 inch
  • It has a chuck diameter of 3.93 inch
  • It has a machine bed width 3.15 inch(80 mm)
  • Taper Of Spindle Bore is MT3
  • It has a hole through spindle of 0.79 inch (20mm)
  • Range of spindle speed is 50~2500 rpm
  • Imperial threads range from 5-2.5 inch
  • Metric threads is from 0.5-2.5mm range
  • The top slide travel is 1.38″ (35mm)
  • The cross slide travel is 2.56″ (65mm)
  • The taper of tailstock sleeve is MT2
  • There are 3 Position FWD/OFF/REV Switch

What We Liked

  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Variable Speed Control Knob
  • Power On Indicator Lamp

What We Didn’t Like

  • Problems with the switch and knob control

4. Best Equip Mini Metal Lathe – Precision Lathe Machine

Precision Lathe Machine

If the first thing that you want in your mini lathe is turning, then this is the one for you. It has a range of various metals on its list which it can easily and neatly process. The areas and edges of the material can be easily modified or designed with little details with this one.

It is popular among the hobbyists and model makers because of its minute designing capability. It has 18 threads with automatic feed.

The chuck guard present in the lathe comes with the micro switch. Which is convenient to use laboratories.

Since it has a telescopic scale it will be easy for students and interns to use it and keep the measurement correct. The horsepower of the lathe is 0.75 and the speed varies up to 2500 RPM.

Highlighted Features

  • The power of motor is 0.75HP/550W/110V
  • Spindle Speed range is from 100-2500 RPM Infinitely Variable
  • The variable Speed Gear is Plastic Nylon
  • Its spindle Taper is MT3
  • Its tail stock taper is MT2
  • It has a distance between centers of 14″
  • The Swing Over Bed is 7″
  • Its Chuck Diameter is 3.93″
  • The Spindle Bore of the lathe is 0.8″
  • Cross Slide Travel if the mini lathe is 2.56″
  • Its top Slide Travel of 1.38″
  • Range of Metric Threads is from 0.5-2.5″
  • It has a spindle Accuracy of 0.0004″

What We Liked

  • Easy to change speeds.
  • Runs smoothly.
  • Sturdily built.
  • Stocks are well aligned.
  • Micro switch

What We Didn’t Like

  • Little hard to handle

5. Erie Tools 7 x 14 – Precision Bench Top Mini Metal Lathe

best mini metal lathe

The Erie tools are specialized in everything that a lathe does. So you should buy this if you think you need an all-rounder.

You will be able to do the threading and drilling along with turning that is precise cuttings and shaping to bowl-shaped materials as well. It goes with the model workers and whoever does detailing work. Because creating minute details is what every mini lathe does the best. This one is no exception.

It has a variable speed up to 2500 RPM and the swing bed is 7 x 14 inches. It is the ideal one for a mini lathe. It has included 11 gears with the lathe and 5 piece cutting. The lathe comes with emergency stop switch for safety and digital readout of speed for ease. Of course, there is a controllable speed option by using a knob.

Highlighted Features

  • The distance Between Centers is 14″
  • It has a swing Over Bed of 7″
  • Its spindle Taper is MT3
  • The tail Stock Taper is MT2
  • Its chuck diameter is 3.15″
  • It has a Spindle Bore of 0.79″
  • The cross Slide Travel is 2.56”
  • Its top Slide Travel is 1.38″
  • The range of metric threads: 0.5-2.5″
  • The lathes spindle Accuracy is 0.004″
  • Spindle Speed has 50-2500 RPM Infinitely Variable
  • Power Of Motor is 0.53 HP with 400 W Motor and 120v and 60hz

What We Liked

  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Digital Spindle Speed Readout
  • Variable Speed Control Knob
  • Power On Indicator Lamp

What We Didn’t Like

  • Control knob could cause disturbance

6. 7 X 14 Mini Benchtop Metal Lathe

Best Metal Mini Lathe

This mini lathe has the ideal bed of 7 x 14 inches which is the standard size of the mini lathes. But it has a very good efficiency.

It comes with a 500w motor and spindle speed up to 2500 RPM. Though the functionality of lathe is what matters most, this lathe comes in blue and orange colors. So if you have a color theme in your workshop you can match it with the mini lathe as well.

The mini lathe has a spindle accuracy of 0.01mm and spindle bore of 20mm. The cross slide travels 65mm. The variable speed function of mini lathe makes it easier to use.

Highlighted Features

  • The spindle speed ranges from 0-2500RPM
  • 14″ is the distance of the centers
  • 7″ is the swing Over Bed
  • It has a 110mm Swing
  • The power of the lathe is 550W
  • It has a Mt3 Spindle Taper
  • The lathe has Mt2 Tailstock Taper
  • The chuck diameter is 80mm
  • It has a 20mm Spindle Bore
  • The cross slide travel is 65mm
  • Lathe has a 35mm top slide travel
  • It has 0.01mm spindle accuracy
  • It comes in two color, orange or Blue

What We Liked

  • 500w motor
  • Variable speed
  • 0.01mm spindle accuracy
  • Induction Harden Bedway

What We Didn’t Like

  • Unclear instructions

The Best Mini Metal Lathe Buying Guide

A lathe is not a funky thing. This is of actual importance in many people’s lives, especially for who designs or make models for earning. That is why it is very important to buy the lathe with proper information and efficiency that you would want in them.

The efficiency of a machine a lot depends on the capacity of it. If we get into it specifically then speed and horsepower count as one of the important things to consider. The consideration of price comes at the end because no one would simply read an article related to best mini lathe if the individual doesn’t want to buy it.


You cant expect the mini lathes to be lightweight and perform the job precisely. It is important for the mini lathes to be heavy. Which is in lathes case is a con most of the time. Because otherwise, the vibration will spoil all the hard works of yours. But you have to keep in mind that it should not be extra heavy, anything extreme is bad!


You would not want a shakey mini lathe to do the extra precise works on your models, would you? I hope the answer is no. You must check the lathe if it works fine without much vibration or shakiness.

Distance between bed and swing

This is one of the features that you will see mentioned in each and every lathe. Sometimes it says the distance between them and sometimes it gives the measurements of the size only. But the minimum distance of the centers is needed to be 30”. But the higher it is, better. The most preferred one is 36”.

Bed length

Bed length should be minimum of 760 mm and a maximum of 915 mm. This is the size which is mostly used. But you should judge if you need the longer ones or the shorter ones depending on your works demand. The longer ones create vibrations which are not suitable for detailing.

Mounting or standing

If you are a professional then you should buy the one that suits you well. There are no hard rules but usually mounted ones are bought by the professionals. Otherwise for general use or for any use stand mini lathes are more common. It is not mandatory for the manufacturer to provide a stand with the lathes.

But most of them do provide recently. So, if your manufacturers don’t provide one, there is no need to be worried. Because the stands are always available on the market. But it’s better to look for a convenient one first. In case if you don’t want to get into the hassle of choosing a table then you should buy one with a stand.

Bed of the lathe

One of the thing in a lathe that you will prefer to last longer is the lathe bed. Though it is made of different materials in different ones and with different models the main thing to focus on a lathe bed is its durability. It should be strong to go through tool rest and tailstock. There is also a need for shavings system in the bed.


It is always advised to buy a headstock made of solid. But there are many models which are made of the cast that lasts longer and works fine. You should also check for a spread of bearings.


The spindle has to be at its highest level. The more of its level depends on the headstock. But other than that the quality of the spindle needs to be the best of everything on the lathe. Also, you will have to choose one which suits your thread size as well. Not all of them works with all types of thread sizes. So keep that in mind.

Final Verdict

The best way to create fabrication on metal, carpentry or giving the models the best smooth touch mini lathes is the main tool. There are a variety of metals on which you will be able to use the lathe. But it doesn’t restrict metals only, it can be used with plastics as well.

So if you are looking for giving your design the smoothest and best shape of cylindrical or tapered or tapered cylindrical and even cubical you should read the important features and choose the best mini metal lathe for you, wisely. It will be better if you save the link so that when you go to buy a lathe from the market you will able to match the features with those as well. It will also help you to ask the seller the best question.

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